Pokemon Go Soft Ban Removal-How to Unban Pokemon Go


Todays guide is about Unban Pokemon Go. No doubt Pokemon Go has got so much fame within no time because of its different playing style and player involvement in the game. It has become the top downloading game on the internet in 2016. People all over the word are keen to play this game in any cast. In different regions, people use different tweaks to play this game. These illegal ways of playing this game can cause some serious issues like if you are using some tweaks hacked Pokemon Go then there are many chances that your Pokemon Go account may get soft banned. We are back for this issue so no need to worry. Continue playing this game after you banned. We are here for Pokemon Go soft ban removal of your banned account.

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All you know that how much popular Pokemon is nowadays. Everyone wants to play this game. In all internet forums, people are talking about this game. Not only people but developers are also crazy about this game. Within no time many developers have made hacks and different tweaks for Pokemon Go. Often these hacks and tweaks have made by third parties. But Niantic the developers of the game is very strict in terms of these tricks, hacks, and tweaks. Using these third-party tricks your account can get soft banned by the developer and you will never b able to play this game in future with this current account, not only this not only this but all of your currants Pokemon will b gone forever. You can get rid of this issue using a simple trick. Here is the Pokemon Go soft ban removal method or Unban Pokemon Go. Using this trick you will b able to Unban Yourself and get your current account back.


Pokemon Go Soft ban removal- Unban Pokemon Go

After getting banned most of the time it happens that after some hours the game will b unbanned automatically. For this you will simply need to wait some time like 2, 3 or 4 hours. But if doesn’t happen then you need to unbanned Pokemon Go manually. Here is the solution of Pokemon Go soft ban removal, Unban Pokemon Go.

Steps to Unban Pokemon Go- Soft ban removal

  1. First logout your currant banned Pokemon Go account
  2. Login with a new account
  3. Now in the game catch any Pokemon
  4. Logout from this account
  5. Uninstall the game Pokemon Go
  6. Wait atlest 1 hour
  7. No reinstall the game Pokemon Go
  8. This time use your old (Banned) account, it will works now
  9. Congrats you are unbanned now. Your all pokemon are back now.

That’s it friends. This is simple trick atakoykbb.com that works for you. Having some issue let us tell in comments.


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