Download and Install Pokemon Go (Bypass Root Detection-No Pokepatch Android)


Pokemon Go is newly introduced video game for both Android and iOs by Niantic but within no time it got so much popularity and now it became the most downloading and most searching game on the internet. No doubt about this that it is proven to b the most popular game of 2016. It is the fact that Pokemon Go is officially introduced only in some countries like US, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zeland but it got fame all over the world. I wrote a guide earlier when it was introduced for iOS Install Pokemon GO Jailbreak Detection Bypass via (PokePatch) and this guide is for the rest of the world because this guide can not b installed on jailbroken device and we brought a solution for this problem, the same case here for Android , the developers of Pokemon Go has made restrictions of playing this game on any of rooted Android device. People are want to play this game at any cost. It is well saying that there is a will there is a way, here we will show all the game lovers download and install Pokemon Go on Android (Bypass root detection-No pokepatch required).

There are some difficulties in running after downloading the game, rooting a mobile is an illegal process and developers of Pokemon do not allow rooted Android device to play the game. I think that it is all because of in-app purchase, rooted Android device can’t get in-app purchase without paying money. You can fully download this game free from Play store using US proxy but eskort pendik after installing you are not able to run the game, the game will stick at Niantic developers screen or sometimes it says Gps not available. Here is the solution for this problem, now using this guide you can download and install Pokemon Go on rooted Android device and no need to Pokepatch Android for this. The process is not very difficult just follow the instructions and install Pokemon Go bypass root detection, no pokepatch Android.
How to download and install Pokemon Go on Android and iOS
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Install Pokemon GO Jailbreak Detection Bypass via PokePatch
How to install Pokemon GO on Rooted Android Device -No Pokepatch Android


Download Pokemon Go on your device from Google Play store.


Now from play store download an app named Hide My Root.


After installing Hide My Root opens this app, not enable the option Hide Su Binary, and click on ok.


Return to the apps menu of Android, open and launch the Pokemon Go. Noe you are able to run the game using this easy trick.

That’s it, friends. You have done this easily and successfully with no Pokepatch Android and root detection, enjoy and play the game. If you have yet some issue in running the game, let us tell in comments menu, we will pleasure to guide you.


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