How to Prepare Your iPhone for iOS 10


The new version of iOS which is iOS 10 is released a couple of days back. This new version of operating system offers a lot of new features which are attracting the user very much. iOS 10 can be used on iPods, iPad and iPhones.
In this update Lock screen is totally changed, messages app is made more interactive, Music apps and Maps are also redesigned.
So now to enjoy all of these amazing features you have to make your iDevice ready for upgrade. Lets see how to do it.

Is your phone compatible with iOS 10?

The first thing to check is whether your iPod, iPad or iPhone supports iOS 10 or not. I have shared the list of devices that are compatible with iOS 10. So check that out
ios 10

Make some room

Making some room before upgrading is always a good idea. Users should firstly delete the extra apps and after that check gallery because every user have a lot of pictures and videos which he can delete but he is not deleting because of laziness. So its time to clear all the junk to make some room for new update so that it can perform better.

Update Your Apps

You should goto App Store then on the lower right corner you will see an option of Updates, simply tap on it. A new window will appear, tap on Update All option which can be seen on the upper right corner. What this will do is that it will update all of your apps. Its very important because some apps will give you problem if you didnt updated them before ugrading your iOS version.

Back it up

Backing up your data before upgrading your version is always a very good idea. You should backup your data before upgrading your iOS version because you might loose your data in this process. So safety is always a very good thing. You can make a backup with the help of iCloud or iTunes, its very easy.
So after making room, updating of apps and backing up of your data now you can easily upgrade your iOS version. If you have any queries comment below we will definitly help you.


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