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Pubg for PC is one of the most played games in recent times. It is an online battle royale game with many modes. You can play with many people from around the world at the same time in this game. It is developed by Tencent games. Now you can also play pubg for PC rather than your smartphone buying a high-end smartphone for pubg is no more necessary for pubg. You can just play it on your computer or laptop.

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PLAYERUNKNOWN`S BATTLEGROUND aka pubg.This game was inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale. In this game, hundreds of players jump from the airplane through a parachute. Each player decides to go somewhere where there are more equipment and more weapons to kill their opponents. In this game, you can kill your enemies but you have to stay safe in order to win the game. You cannot get yourself killed during the game. If you are killed then your match ends.


It has 4 maps in total :

  1. Erangel
  2. Sanhok
  3. Vikendi
  4. miramar

Erangel is the biggest map with many cities. More time is required to complete this map and kill your enemies and be the winner in Pubg for pc.

Sanhok is the smallest map consisting of 50% of water. Sanhok is the smallest map has so much equipment and weapons and you can loot more things in a shorter time. Personally, my favorite map is sanhok because I can complete this map in a shorter time with more loot.

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Vikendi is made up of ice. This map is a little bit bigger than sanhok but relatively smaller than erangel. If you want to enjoy some snow scenery then you should definitely go for vikendi.

Miramar is equal to Erangel in size. This map is also completed in more time. Most of the area in Miramar is desert.


Pubg for pc has a great variety of weapons. Some of them are:

  • SMG=submachine guns. Some of the submachine guns are:
  • Micro UZI
  • UMP45
  • MP5K
  • Vector
  • PP-Bizon
  • Tommy Gun
  • AR=Assault rifles
  • M416
  • AUG43
  • Beryl
  • AKM
  • SCAR-L
  • Groza


  • Sniper guns=
  • AWM
  • M24
  • Kar98K
  • Win94
  • shotguns=
  • S12K
  • S1897
  • S686
  • Sawed-off

The most powerful weapon in the whole Pubg for pc game is AWM.


There are currently five arena modes in pubg

  • Team deathmatch (TDM)
  • Arena training
  • Gun game
  • Domination
  • Zombie mode

pubg for emulator


A team deathmatch called TDM is the most played arena mode. In this mode, there are two teams red team and the blue team. The opponent team is the red team. Each team has 4 players and the total kills is 40. In this mode, if a player is dead then he respawns in 3 seconds and he can play again. In the end, the team which has completed its 40 kills first becomes the winner.

You can also fight against zombies in zombie mode.

Training mode

In the training mode, you can improve your own skills by training with every weapon.If you are an AR expert then you can improve your sniper shots to become a pro player. There is no fight in training mode, as its name complements you can just train yourself in this mode.

Spectator mode

Friends can spectate the game during play. Your partner can also spectate after they were killed.

Solo and Team play

There are different modes like Solo or playing with the team. 4 team members are there in one match including yourself.

Graphics and Voice Effects

It has an HD graphic animation feel with realistic voice effects. Team members can also talk through voice chat with each other. Players from all around the world play this game so sometimes you are paired with people from other countries.


PUBG for PC 

On pc, you can play on a bigger screen rather than staying on smaller smartphones. You can also customize the controls according to your requirements.

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