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Minecraft is a 3D game developed by Markus Notch Persson. It is a sandbox game that is maintained by Mojang Studios. Its first edition is called Java Edition. You can create explore or survive alone or with friends in this game full of adventures.

You can freely download Minecraft from the link given below on Androidfunz.In Minecraft, as its name colludes you can craft anything in the world of blocks. In this game monsters fight with each other, animals are tamed and mines are crafted and explored. You can form anything with blocks from little houses to big castles or towers by the way you can build your own swimming pool too.

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Downalod Minecraft Apk Free

You can download Minecraft apk for free from below links. If the download link is not working. Kindly inform us in the comments section at the end of this page.

Minecraft.apk (Free Mod)

Gameplay of Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can craft daily life necessities. So you have to buy swords, armor and some other tools for building and mining materials. Also, you can play with friends and take part in in-game events which teach you new and interesting tips and tricks.


There are 3 main modes in Minecraft.

  1. Survival mode: In this mode, you have to survive in all conditions, you need to gather enough resources that can keep you going in all conditions. As you need to eat in order to survive then in survival mode you have to produce eatable things to live. At night there will be many enemies waiting for you to kill you in the paths and also in the dungeons below. So you have to prepare yourself for all types of hardships.
  2. Creative mode: In this mode, you won’t need to worry about the eatable resources or your enemies. So this mode is not much about surviving but about creating new things. You can show your skills and make new things like houses, swimming pools, castles or towers.
  3. Hardcore mode: This mode is the most difficult among all the modes as its name compliments. In this mode, your health kept decreasing and you have to show your skills in a very short period of time. Finding food and other resources is very hard.



Minecraft has an infinite map, its boundaries are never-ending so you can show off your skills in a very vast area. You can go anywhere in a car in Minecraft. To collect more resources you can go anywhere to forests, dungeons, and deserts. Cutting of trees and mining is also available in Minecraft. You can also build an underground place through crafting.

Minecraft house

Offline play

You can also play Minecraft without an internet connection which is a plus point for everyone. We don’t have to rely on the internet to play this game.


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