How to download Modern Combat 4 zero Hour Mod + Apk

Modern combat 4 zero is a fun shooter game developed by the famous Gameloft in 2012 for all the action and shooter game lovers. When Gameloft publishes a game then we can know without playing that it will be a good game. It is a top-rated game of all time. You can find play this game`s mod version with many weapons free of cost by downloading it from the link provided here.
  • Size: 1.9 GB
  • Version: 1.2.3e,mod
  • Published in: December 2012
  • Ram: above 4.0 GB
  • Category: action,shooter

It is an online game for android with FPS action and HD quality with rich sound effects so you can feel like a real soldier while playing this game. It has many modes with solo and team play so you can make new friends from around the world while playing this game and communicate with them easily.

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In this game, the world is in danger of warfare because a Nuclear war is going to happen which will cause destruction to the whole world. Terrorists have formed their whole organization and they are a threat to the whole world. The trained and elite soldier team has to save the world from all the chaos and stop the vicious plan of terrorists.

Save the president

The president of the USA gets kidnapped by terrorists. The soldiers have to save the president and the world from warfare. So you can be either a hero or a villain in this game. It provides you to feel the intentions of both sides, a hero or a villain. You can feel like a real-life soldier in this game because of its HD graphics and soundtracks.

Real life fun

You can have fun and feel like a real-time soldier in this game. Because of its graphics, you can feel like you are fighting in real life. After the enemy is shot he will die slowly slowly and fall onto the ground with blood coming from his wounds, the smoke after a bomb blast will make you feel like you are standing in front of the terrorists and fighting off them with weapons and bombs.

Weapons and missions

It has over 20,000 weapons with an improved loadout system. More then 10 missions are in this game. When you will play this then you will know how interesting missions this game provides you. When you will download this game`s mod version then you can do anything you want like a boss.


You can upgrade from the soldier to a marshal in Modern Combat 4 zero. When you will save the president then you will be upgraded from your position and you will become a marshal. Then you will be in the good books of the president.


You can adjust the controls according to your own will and play in different styles.

Download link:

Apk Mod



How to download the game 

  1. Download Mod Apk or simple apk file from the given above link.
  2. Install the apk file, after installing do not open the game, simply click on Done.
  3. Now download the Obb file of the game from the given above link.
  4. Open your ZArchiever App, go to your download folder, and found the Obb .zip file. Click on the file and select Extract HERE. After extracting you will see a folder named. Long press on this folder, select cut and paste this folder to Android>>Obb folder.
  5. If there is no Obb folder inside the Android folder then create a new folder, rename it, and put the Obb name.


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