Easy Way to Turn off Predictive Text in Android


The most amazing thing about the Android set is that they are customizable. It is easy to find the settings and change them according to your needs and requirements. Predictive text proves to be very helpful. In most of the cases, while typing a message, you end up with an irregular or meaningless text with the predictive text which automatically changes the word. So get to the guide on how to turn off predictive text in android. The procedure is same for all types of phone set or operating system including Android Lollipop, Moto G, KitKat or any keyboard you are using. The process will be different in the Android Nougat because of the new operating system. Start with the process and follow the step by step guide.


Step 1

Go to the settings in your phone set and look for the Android updates. If your set is updated with the latest Android, then it is great.

Step 2

Now you can open the messages and click on the text box to open the keyboard. Now drop down the upper tray, and you will see the settings of the keyboard which will easily be edited. However, another way to access keyboard settings is to go to settings and click on the Language and input.

Step 3

When you open the Keyboard and input, just go to the subheading keyboard and input. The keyboard which you are currently using will be shown. If you are using the OS Nougat, then click on the virtual keyboard.

Step 4

Now click on the name of the keyboard which you want to use and all the setting will appear below. Then you will see Predictive text option with the Text Correction title. After that click on it and turn off predictive text in android. Also turn off word suggestions. In Android Nougat, you will have to tap on the text correction option and then turn off the show suggestions option.

Options in the text correction

In the text correction option, you will be able to add words of your choice. If you use any word repeatedly, you just have to type the shortcut, and the akkadikoy.com word will appear in the suggestion. The keyboard in Android, allows the user to change as many settings they want.

Hope you liked this article of the easy way to turn off predictive text in Android. If you have any queries then comment in the comment section, we will help you out.


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