How to Play Videos in Background on iOS and Android


If you are an owner of the smartphone, then most irritating thing is that you cannot play the YouTube videos in the background. As soon as you start other activity by moving to another screen, the played video stops. So find out the best solution to play videos in the background on iOS and Android.

Listen to songs in background

The US residents will be able to avail the monthly subscription of YouTube red at the price of $9.99. This feature lets the user listen to the videos in the background. Even if you will switch the screen, the video continues to play. However, the feature of YouTube is only available in the US.

Pop Video feature

The Pop-up application does not play YouTube videos in the background but allows the applications to play in small windows. The small windows are easy to move and do not stop even if the screen is off.

This application is free to use and easy to install without paying the monthly subscription.

Play videos in background on Android

The tutorial is easy to follow. Follow the step by step procedure to get best results.

  1. Open YouTube on your Android phone.
  2. Select the video you want to watch.
  3. At the bottom of the video, you will find a share icon. Just tap on it and copy


  1. Now go to play store.
  2. Search for the Firefox browser and download it.
  3. After installation just paste the URL of the video in the search box. Do not forget to switch to the Desktop mode.
  4. Disable the autoplay Now sign in and play the YouTube playlist in the background.

Play videos in background on iPhone

To play the videos in the background on iPhone, you simply do not need to install and download Firefox. You just have to use the Safari browser.

  1. Make sure that YouTube is installed in your iPhone set.
  2. Select the video and copy the URL.
  3. Open Safari browser and paste the URL.
  4. When the page load, it will ask for the YouTube option so cancel it.
  5. Now play the video. When you switch the screen, the video stop. So just swipe up the screen from bottom to center and play the video again.

This is how you will play the YouTube videos in background on Android and iOS.


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