How to Transfer Data From Android to iOS


Android To iOS

This article is especially for those who are fed of Android and now want to switch to iPhones. But whenever a user wants to switch he thinks twice because moving all of your data from Android to iOS isn’t easy. Most of the people, therefore, don’t switch. But now we have a very easy method with the help of which users can transfer all of their data from Android to iOS with few clicks. It became possible because of Apple’s new app called Move to iOS.

It is the Apple’s first Android app. What it actually do is that with the help of direct Wi-Fi connection it hooks your Android and iDevice together and then transfers the data which you want to transfer to this new iOS device.

You have to keep this thing in mind that Move to iOS app transfers most of the data except music, apps and all kinds of passwords. One of the other bad thing about this app is that the iOS device which you are using in this process should be running iOS 9 or any higher version.

How to Move Your Data From Android to iDevice

  • Set up your iDevice until you reach the screen titled “Apps & Data”.
  • Now you have to tap on the option of “Move Data From Android
  • So on your Android device search Move to iOS app from the Google’s Play Store
  • Simply select this app from the provided list by the Play Store and tap on install
  • Now accept the permission request to start installing
  • Then tap on Open once it is installed
  • Now you have to tap on Continue on both Android and iOS devices
  • On your Android device simply tap on Agree and after that tap on Next
  • Now a 12 digit code will be displayed on your iOS device. You have to enter that on Android device

So after doing the above steps both the devices will now be connected and determine what data will be transferred. Select the data which you want to move. Then it will start moving the selected data from Android to iOS. After the transferring process is completed you have to tap on Continue Setting Up iPhone/iPad, then add your Apple ID or create a new one. After all of these steps it might ask you to login to your accounts, do that and that’s it.

Hope you liked this article and remember rate of transfer depends on your data. For any queries comment below.


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