Fix LG G3 Boot Loop issue, Unbrick LG G3 Stuck in Boot Loop


Today,s topic is very important about the life of the great smartphone of it,s time LG G3. When a smartphone get old people tried different things to make this a new look as well as faster. There are many reasons 0f Boot Loop issue or Hanging problem of LG G3 on LG Logo after doing something on final reboot. I have some easy solutions to Boot Loop issue of LG G3 and here you will know how to fix LG G3 stuck in Boot Loop (LG G3 Hangs on LG Logo)

Boot Loop issue (LG G3 stuck in Boot Loop) mostly happens when we tried to do something manually like updating or downgrading the OS, installing custom ROMs or Recoveries, third party apps or flashing some wrong or uncompleted files. These all things can cause LG G3 Boot Loop issue, so if you have that type of issue and you want to unbrick your LG G3 then stay with us and resolve your issue to get back your bricked LG G3 to unbrick this.

When your LG G3 stuck on LG animation logo after rebooting, bring it back to the real condition is not very difficult, but it is also a fact that in some cases it became so much difficult to back this to life. I personally noticed that the boot loop issue in LG smartphones is a little higher when we compare to the others. So all the LG users need to pay more attention while something doing manually to their LG smartphones.


It is also a fact that in some cases when you doesn’t show the hanging LG logo, doesn’t access to enter into download or recovery mode and all your attempts to save your LG G3 going wrong you should comply that the existence of your smartphone is no more (Sorry to say), so keep this mind before doing something risky with your LG smartphones.

Enough talk friends, so let’s move to the real topic LG G3 stuck on Boot screen or LG Animation logo and how to unbrick LG G3. The solution of this issue is hidden in the download mode of your smartphone. When your recovery mode doesn’t work then download mode will save your smartphone. Here is the method how can you quicken your LG G3 after LG G3 Boot Loop issue.


  1. Computer or Laptop
  2. LG USB Data cable (Properly working)


 LG PC Suite

Fix LG G3 Boot Loop issue, Unbrick LG G3- How to

Here is how to resolve LG G3 boot loop issue using LG PC Suite via download mode of your device.

Step by step guide

Step 1:

In your PC download LG PC Suite from given above link putting your device name with an accurate model number.

Step 2:

Turn off your device and connect this to PC via USB data cable.

Step 3:

It’s time to put your device into download mode. For this press and hold the volume up button of your LG G3 until you should start to see Download mode for a few seconds and after that, it will show “Firmware Update” on the screen of your LG G3.

Step 4:

Now open LG PC Suite, tap on the Repair button, follow the next steps. This will repair all the bad issues.

I hope using this method you will get rid of this Boot Loop issue. If u have any issue let me tell in comments, I’ll pleasure to guide any of my viewers. Plz like and share



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