How to Save Time With Custom Searches on Android


Android phones provide incredible flexibility to its users, but when it comes to the default search widget which comes at the top of home screen. Android users have to make some tricky moves. The smart app widget called as Custom search bar allows its users to do escort Göztepe custom searches for various sites such as Google Maps, IMDB, Wikipedia, and YouTube. The widget will transform the search bar completely.

You may require an upgrade which will not be free, but you can keep the free version. So open the widgets link with a long press on the blank area of the home screen. Then find the CSBW widget and drag it onto the home screen.

Customized search widget

You can also launch the search widget from escort Kartal app drawer and can make various configuration. It is available in different styles, looks, and format. So get creative and introduce a broad range of shades and colors. Press the Apply button and make changes. You can also stick to the pre-made theme and can download appropriate apps from Google Store. You can adjust the text colors, icons, background by making your search bar.

The plus button will be available in the widget. It allows you to do an alternative search with the search item link. You will be able to add links, actions, shortcuts, and paste and copy functions. Now press and hold on icon to edit and remove it.

To add the custom searches option just make a search of URL and then replace the term with the placeholder by adding %s. to add an icon image you escort Pendik have to search string with a custom entry by adding the search item menu and you will find the option to add an Image.  However, you have to handle everything manually. It may have rough edges so you can resize it by holding the icons.

The widget is very handy and provides easy search options. You will find in-depth files quickly, and it may also provide alternative internet research on Android set. So get your customized search engine.


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