Root LG G3 D855 on Stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS (Easy Guide)


G3 is a popular Android device of LG Electronics. LG G3 D855 is also one of the luckiest devices which receive the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow update officially by the manufacturer. Now most of the LG G3 devices are running on the latest OS version and the users are pretty satisfied with the new features and better performance. After going on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, many users want to root their LG G3 D855 for the full control over the smartphone. Here is the complete guide How to Root LG G3 D855 on Stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow. 

Root access is the must for the full use of smartphone because rooting is necessary if an Android user wants to do customizations, tweaks, and want to install third party apps. After flashing the official Android6.0 Marshmallow update, LG G3 D855 has been restored back to its initial state. All the things like root access, boot loader and all the factory and default restrictions reinstalled on the device. Rooting the phone is necessary to open all the restrictions by the manufacturer. Here are some benefits of the rooting mention below.

Rooting gives privileged control over the operating system of your Android device.

Rooting gives full control over the apps of the device, it gives the option of deleting the pre-installed apps which we can’t remove without root access.

With the help of root access, we can easily create a complete backup of all the data of our smartphone.

Root access is the must for installing the custom ROM on any of Android smartphone. So updating the OS of Android is possible only when the smartphone is rooted.

Many users want to install the custom recovery for many purposes, one can install the custom recovery with the help of root access.  Rooting opens up administrator privileges on y smartphone. The user can easily move the apps and data from internal memory to SD card. Without root access apps can not b moved on the SD card.

Rooting opens up administrator privileges on the Android smartphone. After rooting user can easily move the apps and data from internal memory to SD card. Without root access apps can not b moved on the SD card.

Rooting gives you an access to the files needed to make changes in folders that are usually hidden from users. A user can do a wide range of customization and theming option. With the help of custom recovery, a user can install custom themes in place of stock themes, and make the mobile more beautiful.

Let’s move to the process of rooting, we know that Android Marshmallow is a new firmware and there are not many methods to root LG G3 yet, so here we will use Chainfire Super SU who is always one step forward for providing that types of things. Here is the complete process of Root LG G3 D855 on Stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Read the Disclaimer and Necessary Instructions then proceed the further process.


  • Rooting the phone is a sensitive issue, this process is only for advanced users. Do all the process at your own risk, we are not forcing you to do this if something went wrong will not b held responsible for any kind of damage or bricking of your smartphone.
  • The warranty of the smartphone will void after the rooting.

Necessary instructions before proceeding:

  1. This rooting process is only for LG G3 D855, do not try this on any other variant or any other smartphone. Make sure the model of smartphone must b D855.
  2. This process is for LG G3 which is running on Android 6.0 marshmallow.
  3. Your LG G3 must have custom recovery TWRP in order to flash the zip file.
  4. Backup all the important data of your mobile like pics, movies, apps, contacts and other precious data because if something went wrong there are chances to erase the data of the device.
  5. Charge your device fully to avoid the power issues of mobile during the process.
  6. Your PC should have LG USB drivers installed
  7. Enable USB Debugging mode of the smartphone.

Steps to Root LG G3 D855 on Stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Step 1:

Download the Super SU Root file from Here on your LG G3, after downloading do not extract the file.

Step 2:

Now turn off your LG G3 for boot into recovery mode. For this press and hold the power+ volume down buttons for a while until the LG logo appears, now release the keys for a second and immediately press Power+Volume down buttons again until the Hard Reset menu will b displayed. Now release the buttons.

Now there are two ways, if you have a custom recovery installed then swipe down to Yes option using Volume Down button and select and confirm using the power button. It will take the device directly to the recovery menu without doing Factory Reset.

(If u do not have any custom recovery after clicking on Yes option your device will do a factory reset, that’s why a custom recovery is must for rooting)

Step 3

In the custom recovery menu navigate and select ”Install zip from sd card”, now select ”choose zip from sd card”

Step 4

Now there find the Super SU file that you have downloaded in step 1, after finding select and confirm the file. Now installing process will start and wait until the installing process completes. After completion goes to the main recovery menu and select and perform ”Reboot System Now” It will take some time so no need to worry about this.

Congrats¡ You have rooted your LG G3 D855 successfully. If you have boot loop issue (Hanging problem on LG Logo) you will need to hard reset your device. This will resolve your issue. For any other problem let us tell in comments, we will guide you. Thanx


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