Download Paid Apps for Free on Android (Easiest Way Ever)


Hello, friends! Let’s talk about paid apps for Android. How can we Download paid Apps for Free on Android? This is probably the question of the year. It is a human nature to want something free like apps of the smartphone. They always searching and spending most of the time for this on the internet. For Android smartphones and tablets Google Play store have been a popular place where the Android user can get millions of apps without spending any money, but all the apps are not free. There are a lot of apps which are still paid on Google Play store. In  iOS there is still a solution, jailbreak your phone and install Cydia, it gives free apps and games for you, but we can’t do this on OS. Because on Android devices, there is no such solution like this on Android. Here we will give you an easy solution to Download paid Apps for Free on Android via a crack app store.

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Cracked App Store

The Cracked app store for installing paid apps for free is called BlackMart. There are some other alternatives of Google Play store which are providing paid apps free  but most of these are useless and a waste of time, but BlackMart is best among all these. Almost every an app is available on BlackMart which is a part of Google Play store. All these apps are free and up to date on BlackMart. The process of downloading and installing of apps and games are as easy as in Google Play store. All apps and games are compatible with all Android devices.

Let’s move to the topic, here is the guide how to Download Paid Apps for Free on Android.

Steps to Install BlackMart

  1.  Download the BlackMart App Store from HERE.
  2.  Enable the UnKnown source of mobile, for this go to mobile Setting>>Security>>UnKnown Source, tap to enable it.
  3. Go to the folder where you download BlackMart and Install it. After installing you will found this on Apps menu. Use and enjoy paid apps for free on Android.

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The use of the BlackMart is as easy as Google Play store. We can download all the apps, in the same way, as we download on Google PlayStore, first found the game or app on BlackMart which you want to download free, after founding just click on Install option, and install it easily with just a single click.



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