Netflix Introduces Amazing Offline Viewing Feature for iOS


Netflix new version is introduced for iOS features. The new 9.0 version is one of the most demanded by the audience because it has introduced amazing features. It provides user to view and download content for offline viewing. If you are still addicted to YouTube then, avail escort Bahçeşehir unlimited benefits and content viewing on is best feature and the latest version which you can avail from App Store. So, if you have not updated software yet then update the application now.

Offline viewing option is available for Amazon Prime users from years, and the feature proves to be handy for air travel road trips, and to the users of high-speed Internet.

So follow the guide to get a download and view unlimited offline content.

Get the Netflix now

For the great results follow the steps.

Step 1

Just download Netflix from app store.

Step 2

When you launch application, you can escort Halkalı view a notification which tells you about new feature. So to avail the feature just click on Download.

Step 3

After successful downloading, you can view the content which is downloadable.

If you do not access download button on main screen, then click on hamburger and tap on Available. You will see all Download content. Remember that not all content on Netflix will be available for downloading purpose.

Download a TV show or Movie

If you want to download any movie or TV show then

Step 1

Browse the program listing

Step 2

Click on the arrow which is in a downward position indicating download. Remember when any program is in downloading state the arrow will change into stop button which allows the user to cancel download.

Step 3

When the downloading is completed, stop icon will change into a phone check mark. You can delete the download by clicking on phone icon.

Managing downloads

You can also manage download by

Step 1

Tapping on hamburger button

Step 2

Choose My downloads option

Step 3

On My downloads screen, you will see many free spaces and the used space. However, if you want to use or play any videos, then you can easily utilize files or delete them.

Step 4

If you feel escort Beylikdüzü that device is filled; so Go to Netflix and free the storage. By Going to Hamburger Menu

Step 5

Tap on App settings

Step 6

You will see option to Delete Downloads


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