JCheater Vice City Edition Apk for Android is now available. You can enjoy the full fun of the game GTA Vice City with the help of J Cheater. The newer version of JCheater v1.7 is recently updated with some new cheats and can b used easily in the game. These cheats are not developed by Rockstar Games, it is is the unofficial third-party application. You can get unlimited different things with the help of these cheats at any stage of the game.

JCheater Vice City Edition Apk 1.7 (GTA Vice City Cheats)

You can use cheats easily in the game. You just need to open the keyboard in the game, a window will appear with the cheats. You can try all the cheats one by one. Keep in the mind that some combinations of the cheats can cause the game to close e.g using multiple weapons cheats or spawning too many cars in one location.


JCheater Vice City Edition Apk 1.7 (Latest Update 1.7 MB)


JCheater Vice City Edition Apk 1.6

JCheater Vice City Edition Apk 1.5

Instructions how to apply Cheats?

  1. Download the cheats Apk and install it on your device
  2. Now open the GTA VC Cheater App
  3. Click on Enable Input Method, Click on the ”Google Keyboard” and ”JCheater” and select Marked
  4. Go back, In Choose input Method Select GTA Vice City Keyboard. Then click on Start Cheater.
  5. Now open the game GTA Vice City, you will see the Cheat option right on the top of the game.
  6. Click on the Cheat option, a keyboard will appear, now on the left bottom click on GTA, that’s it. All cheats will appear. Now select your cheat and play the game and enjoy.

That’s it friends. you have done all this. Still having an issue let me tell in the comment section. I will guide you as soon as possible.


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