Learn Easy Way to Open iPhone Having iOS 10 Without Home Button


In iOS 10 or the iPhone users have to press the home button occasionally to navigate to the home screen. The main lock screen allows the users to enter the Touch ID and unlock the phone but still it will not open until unless you do not press the home button. You have to press the home button twice to wake or unlock the phone. However, you can disable the home button to eliminate the consequence of pressing the button again and again. You can also use the Rest Finger option. Follow the step by step procedure to disable the home button.

How to disable home button

Following is the procedure which helps you to turn off the home button.

Go to settings. Tap on General and select accessibility. Now tap on the home button and turn on the feature of Rest Finger to open.

Remember that if the raise to wake feature is already enabled on your phone. You do not need to use the Home button again and again to see the Home screen. Just place a finger on the home button and the touch ID will unlock your phone. If the feature of Raise to Wake is not enabled, then a single press of the home button will directly take you to the main screen.

Raise to wake feature

If you are new to iPhone, then you probably be wondering that why your phone screen turn on when you pick it up. The Raise to wake feature is inspired by the Apple watch. The new option is loved by all iPhone users and helps to cut the battery life. You do not have to press the home button to jump to the home screen.

The feature is only available in iOS 10, and if you want to use it, you have to update the iOS of your phone. It allows you to see the notifications or even reply akpendik.com them without navigating directly to the application. You can turn on or off the option from the settings of your phone according to your ease or requirements.


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