How to Check the Saved WiFi Password on your Android


Have you ever forgotten the entered password of the WiFi on your Android? Most probably when you enter WiFi password, people prefer to use the save password option but if you, unfortunately, did not tap on the option then the tutorial is very beneficial for you. However, most of the users keep the passwords saved for years on their smartphones to avoid the consequences of entering it again and again. The password remains to save in the mobile phone as well as on a network. So if you have forgotten the WiFi password then follow the tutorial to know it.

You simply do not need to go to a router or open the router box to know the password. The process is very useful especially when the guests at your home asks for the WiFi password. So stay connected.

Easy Steps

To know the WiFi password, it is essential that your Android phone must be rooted. However, you have to install a simple application on Google Play or Android center to your phone which will help you to know the password. Follow the step by step procedure to get the optimal results.

Step 1

Install WiFi password 2016 application on your phone. The app has a logo in blue and white.

Step 2

After the installation of the app, allow the in app permissions.

Step 3

The application will show a list of detected WiFi nearby you. You will also see the list of WiFi networks with whom you were connected.

Step 4

To know the WIFI password all you have to tap on the name and that is it. You will get to know the password quickly.

The trick is very easy. The application does not share the information with any third party neither you have to make any in-app purchases to know the password of the WiFi. The application works only for WiFi networks password and not for other applications. Now let go of the consequences when you have to walk to the router and search the diary to tell the guests the WiFi password. However, most of the people change their WiFi password from general too long and complicated alphanumeric combinations so that no one can easily connect to it.

To avoid any mishap shortly, just tap on save password option so that you do not have to reenter it again and again.


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