iOS 10 Problems And The Solutions To Deal With Them


iOS 10 Problems

The new version of iOS is launched few days back and many new features are introduced. The use of iOS is changed a lot according to the needs of future. Writing and sending of text messages, interaction with notification and also usage of Siri within apps is transformed. The beta version of iOS 10 is released for a while now but Apple made it public recently which means many users were using it before its official release. People are enjoying its new features but there are few iOS 10 problems which they are facing. So let’s see what they are and how to deal with them.

Problem: Maps Transit Widget No Longer Works

One of the best feature introduced in iOS 10 is Spotlight Widget called Maps Transit. It helps users to check the schedules for subway routes and buses. But with the latest release, this feature has stopped functioning properly. Users are facing this problem mainly on iPhones and this feature is working fine on iPads.


Follow these steps and hopefully it will start working perfectly

  • Open your device Settings then tap on General
  • After this open Accessibilities and tap on Speech and toggling the Speak Screen Option. This will help in improving this feature and it will start working as it worked before.

Problem: Battery drain

Its one of the biggest problem which users of iOS 10 are facing. Either it’s iOS 10 or previous versions of the beta, the problem is same with the battery. So if you are updating to this version think twice.


Click here and read all the easy ways to improve your battery life

Annoyance: Raise to Wake feature doesn’t work

‘Raise to wake’ without any argument is the best feature which is introduced in this update. The screen of your device comes on automatically when you pick up your device. It’s a very helpful and amazing addition but unfortunately it has stopped working for some users.


This feature only works with iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and Se and the reason is that they have M9 motion coprocessor inside the A9 chip. So if you are using iPad Pro it will not work. So this might be the reason that Raise to Wake is not working.
Other reason might be that it is turned off. So make sure that it is on by opening iPhones setting, then tap on Display & Brightness and toggle on Raise to Wake. This will enable this feature.

So these were some iOS 10 problems. We have shared the solutions to get rid of them. Implement and make your life easy. For any queries comment below.


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