Annoying Features of iOS 10


The new version of iOS which is iOS 10 was released last week by Apple. It have a lot of cool features which users are enjoying very much. As we all know that a new update is never perfect, it still have few bugs. Its some features are annoying and users want to know the solution to get rid of them.

Can’t Clear All Notifications on Older Devices

Sometimes it happens with all of us that a lot of notifications are gathered at the notification centre at once and then we have to remove them one by one. Its very annoying because we always want to remove all of them with a single click but it was not possible before. In iOS 10 Apple have introduced this feature to remove all of these notifications at once with 3D Touch.

Its a very good thing that Apple have made it easier for us but the sad thing about it is that it is not available for all the users. Only users with 3D Touch-enable device can use this feature and rest of the users have to wait again for the next update. We dont have any solution to this. Only solution to get rid of this problem is to buy an iDevice which have 3D Touch option.

Not Everyone Can Use “Optimize Music Storage”

Its a very good feature introduced in the new version. What it actually do is that it removes the songs automatically which the users didnt played in a while. It is introduced to save storage.
Now the annoying thing about this new feature is that this feature can only be used by the users who have subscribed to Apple Music or iTunes Match. When the beta version was released it was available for everyone but not now. So thats the annoying thing about it.

Handwriting Mode Opens Every Time Your iPhone is in Landscape Orientation

Handwriting Mode is also a new feature in this latest version of iOS. The feature is very cool. It allows the users to send handwritten messages to their friends. Now the annoying thing is that this mode is automatically opened once the device is in landscape orientation. So to turn this feature off follow the steps discussed below.

  • Open Handwriting Mode which can be opened by rotating the device into landscape orientation
  • Now at the right bottom corner tap on the keyboard icon which will automatically switch to keyboard mode

So these were some of the annoying features of iOS 10. If you know any other annoying features do let us know by comment in the comment section


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