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As T-Mobile Lg is a vast family and well known in the world. It is the one of the most selling cellphone in the world.They are really careful about the latest
updates of their cellphones to improve the performance of their phones and company. They have a strong network of update developers who are working for the development and improvement of Lg mobiles.

Now you can get the latest official update to your Lg V10 H901 on marshmallow 6.0 OS. Today we are going to guide you that how you root your Lg V10 on Marshmallow 6.0. But first we want to share some important information about the updates of this smartphone.
The Updated Marshmallow was released with H90120e software version but with the official support site help of TMo’s. 20e was the first official softrware update for Lg V10. As Android Marshmallow 6.0 provides some extra and
important features like battery saving, good shortcut icons, video calling, Advance Messaging and better.

Security and Privacy

Basically there are two methods to get root for Lg V10, via OTA method there is no need to
do extra anything, if any update is availabe then you will get its information via notification on your SmartPhone. Alternatively LG Bridge (app) can also be use for the download and installation of OTA but it is necessary to run it using computer along window or Mac OS X.


  • You should be careful about these thing.Before updating your phone, your phone must be in stock state.
  • Custom recovery or with no root access, since update installation will lean download and have to face some new problems.
  • If you had already done it then it may help you to restore stock condition.There is no successful user who had regain
  • Root if he had updated LG V10 to marshmallow 6.0. People thinks that bootloader is relocked during updating so that nobody could regain root if updated to marshmallow 6.0. it is not only because fastboot commands cannot be executed,
  • So fastboot commands are necessary for the unlock procedure of bootloader. If bootloader is locked it means no custom

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LG united mobile driver or search on Google for LG V10 ABD drivers.

Follow these steps to safe root Lg v10 to 6.0 marshmallow.

Steps to Root T-Mobile LG V10 on 6.0 Marshmallow

Follow this guide if your smartphone is not already on 6.0 marshmallow.


Enable USB debugging and make sure that you can get ADB Reboot recovery

(For enabling USB Debugging go to Setting >> Developer option and tap on seven times on Build number. It will enable USB Debugging).


TWRP should be updated to the latest version correctly.


Shutdown your system in the TWRP,or you can also fetch your battery. Make it sure
that your computer had recongnised the fastboot. If your mobile is in OFF condition then
hold volume down key for boot in fastboot and connect cellphone with computer via cable.
wait a bit for the system reaction on display screen but you must have to enter in fastboot.


Get ‘fastboot reboot’ command and make sure your mobile should reboot.


Use both parts on the 1st page of thread

Part 1:
Part 2:


Store it into phone memory or SD card for the later use.


Reboot to latest version of TWRP by using ‘adb reboot recovery’ command or pull the battery. Press and hold the power key and volume down key simultaneously wait for the LG Logo to show, then leave the power key but not volume down key and then count to 1/one second and press the power key again along with volume down key. Wait while holding these two keys for the ‘factory reset’ view. Use power key and volume keys
for ‘yes’ and click power key again and let it go. Again wait for one second and arrow down for ‘yes’ ,click power key again, you entered to TWRP.


Clean all data,Cache, System, Dalvik in TWRP.


Flash part 1, don’t reboot.


Then Flash part 2, don’t reboot.


Take out your battery and then press and hold the volume down key and then plug into the Micro USB cable while pressing volume down key and wait till you enterd the fastboot.Type for once this command ‘fastboot oem unlock’ in fastboot.(this action will clean all your data from your SD card).


Get the last command of fastboot ‘fastboot reboot’. Now your phone should be on Android Marshmallow 6.0. This completes the root process of Lg V10.

It is a very simple process so everybody have the capability to perform this process. Show patience during process and keep visiting our site for more problems and updates.

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