Learn to use Assistive Touch on iOS 10


Now you will be able to control your iPhone with Assistive touch. The feature is available for iPhone 6/6s and 7 or those iPhone sets in which iOS 10 is available. Most of the people still get amazed and wonder the advantages of assistive touch. However, it proves to be escort Göztepe very helpful especially when the home button in iPhone set does not response well. Most probably it stops working or stuck because of frequent use. You can perform various tasks with assistive touch such as 3D touch, taking screenshots and performing various other gestures.


Following is the procedure to turn on the assistive touch on your iPhone set with iOS 10.

  • Just Go to Settings, turn on General and then tap on Accessibility. Search for Assistive Touch and enable it.
  • Long press the main home button and Siri will appear. You can also tell her to turn on or enable the Assistive Touch.
  • Find Settings with the wheel icon. Go to General, tab on Accessibility and find Accessibility Shortcut. Then enable Assistive Touch. Now you can quickly turn on and off the touch by clicking on a home

How to use Assistive Touch?

Now you will successfully enable the escort Kartal Assistive Touch, click on the screen, and you will be able to access many options like Device, Control Center, Siri, Home, Custom, and notification center.

  • The notification center will allow you to swipe down from the top and enabling you to view all the notifications.
  • Device option will allow you to rotate the screen, change volume settings, screen lock, and various related options.
  • Control center will enable you to swipe from bottom without any option
  • Siri will activate Siri
  • Home option will directly take you to home without pressing the home button
  • The custom option will let you perform various gestures.

Customize the Assistive Touch option

Apple also its users to escort Pendik customize the top level menu with at least 8 icons. You can change the settings which you need most.

  • Just Go to Settings, turn on General and then tap on Accessibility.
  • Tap on Customize option for the top level menu.
  • Click on the icon which you want to
  • If you want to add or delete any icon press “- or +” options available to you.

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