Fix PUBG Mobile Lag Issue on Android phones


We all know that PUBG is the trending game nowadays. Every game lover already plying this new and amazing game. This is an action game for Android. There are some issues of every game and some of the players will also face the problems and lag issue during the playing of this game. Some of the problems during the game like it take a time to use weapons, sometimes it takes a while to move etc. You can also face some other issues. Now in this guide, you will learn how to get rid of these lag issues.

If you haven’t installed the latest version of PUBG then follow this guide to download the game easily.

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PUBG mobile game is developed by Tencent. Its an Battle Royale game in which players are dropped off on an abandened island and makes their way towards island with the help of parachute. Lets start the game after landing on ground. More than 100 players dropped on the island and explore the way of life. Drive the vehicles and find foods for living. Explore the houses, clothes, and weapons.

Some of the users are facing problems and lag issues during the play. If you face this kind of issues then we will solve your problem. Your mobile must running on Android 5.0 or above OS version.

How to fix PUBG Mobile Lag Issue

Clear cache

  1. Open the settings of your phone.
  2. Open apps and all applications.
  3. In apps find the PUBG Mobile game.
  4. Tap on it and clear the cache, Storage and Data.
  5. Now go back and restart the device.
  6. Hope you fix the problem.

After this process if you still facing the problem then follow the instructions below.

Delete and Reinstall the the PUBG Again

Delete this PUBG Mobile and Reinstall it again. If you are not finding the best PUBG mobile game then from here download and fix PUBG Mobile Lag Issue.

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