How to hide IP Adress on Android in just a single click


Hello friends, hope you fine. Today’s tutorial belongs to your IP address. Here is a complete guide how to hide IP Adress on Android easily in just a single click. Hiding IP Adress is becoming a necessity of internet world. In a single day, a common person needs to hide his/her IP Adress in so many times, it’s all due to privacy reasons. This method can b used on all the Android devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets and other devices and it is applicable on default and other third-party internet browsers like Google Chrome, Opera Mini, UC Browser and all others.

For hiding your IP Adress we will use VPN which is actually an Android App using for hiding your actual IP Adress and converts this to any other country, mostly you can choose your new IP according to your choice. Before

Read carefully 

Before changing your original IP you must know some important points so that you can use this without having any loss. Mostly hidden IP Adress uses for the visit those websites, videos and for installing apps which are banned in your country for child protection or any other reason, in this case, you can freely use these VPNs without any hesitation. But if you want to use this method for some other reasons like hacking something, want to click on ads on your website or any other serious issue, then b careful because you will get caught easily by the Google spiders or many other security agents by that form.

How to hide IP Adress on Android 

Let’s move to the real topic How to hide IP Adress on Android. The method is easy and pretty simple. You just need to install a good VPN App on your Android device and run this after installing to hide your IP Adress. There are many VPNs available on Google Play store, some are free and others are paid. We brought a collection of top VPNs for you which are free, properly working and easy to connect.

 List of top VPNs on Google Play store 

(1) ZenMate 


 Free Download ZenMate 

In the list of free VPN, I think ZenMate is on the top. The reason is that it is free of cast, working well, connects just in a single click and have high speed. You can choose your location according to your choice because in Zenmate there are many countries given to select your new location and hide your original. There are 5 countries available in the free version to choose your location, these countries are USA, Germany, Hong Kong, UK, and Romania. I personally used ZenMate VPN and  I’m pretty satisfied.

(2) Hot Spot Shield


Free Download Hot Spot Shield

Hot Spot Shield is one of the oldest and most famous VPN. It provides free unlimited access. Not only for Android it provides access to other platforms like windows, IOS, and Mac. You can’t use any specific location and it connects automatically to UK or USA IP adress. It helps to secure your location to hackers who can hack your location.

(3) Hola Free VPN 

hola vpn

Free download Hola VPN

Hola VPN is top rated multifunction VPN which is free available on Google Play store. The features of this VPN are something different from others. It has a built-in search bar for searching anything directly from the app. There are many locations available and you can choose IP according to your choice. All the installed apps available beneath the search bar of the app and you can choose an app from there. Hola provides unlimited access without any disturbance that’s why most of the Android users use this app freely.

(4) Super VPN 

super vpn

Free Download Super VPN

Super VPN is another good free app to change your IP Adress. This app is easy to connect and fast in speed. Just click on Connect button and enjoy the super-VPN. It is totally free for first 20 days and after that, you can connect this for an hour after the space of an hour. It connects automatically to any IP and you haven’t any specific country for connecting.

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