The Guide to Fix Annoying Features of iOS 10


If iOS has introduced some of the amazing features similarly, there are many issues which you will come across while using the iOS 10. Nothing is perfect in this world similarly the Apples latest phone is also not perfect. There are many features which you will prefer, but they do not work efficiently. So lets see how to fix annoying features of iOS 10

Annoying Features of iOS 10

  • Lift to wake

The iPhone has introduced lift the iPhone feature. The screen automatically wakes up when you will lift your phone. You simply do not need to touch any button to see the notifications. Even when you pass your hand near the phone, the screen will wake up. This feature enables anyone to see the notifications which will appear on the lock screen. It is best to get rid of this annoying feature. To turn the feature on just go to settings and change the Display and brightness settings.

  • Reply to messages

Another great feature is to reply the text messages without unlocking the phone. You may be able to face the problem especially when the phone is not in your control. You can disable the feature from settings then touch ID and passcode and enter your passcode to proceed, now scroll down and toggle the feature off in Reply message.

  • Handwriting

When you are writing a message and turn the screen in landscape mode, the screen will change to handwriting mode. Some people love to write messages in a handwriting mode. However, type’s messages are standard and easy to read. Just open messages and turn the phone in Landscape, mode. Now it will stay in keyboard mode. If you still sometimes need to switch to handwriting mode then tap on the handwriting icon.

  • Home for unlocking

If you are using the Touch ID, then the most irritating thing you will come across would change in iOS 10. Yu have to press the home button after using the fingerprint to unlock the phone. The extra step proves to be annoying for most of the users. However, it can be fixed by going to settings and then tap on General. Just click on accessibility and then home button. Now select the option of the finger to open. Your phone will open with the fingerprint only.

Follow the procedure and fix annoying features of iOS 10.


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