Delete iCloud Calendar devoid of Alerting Spammers


Every iPhone user is well aware of iCloud. The Apple user has to make use of iCloud because of keeping a proper backup so that in future if they change their phone, the user just have to sign in to their iCloud and get access to all the essential data. However, data can easily be accessed via iCloud. Apple has let the users avail this amazing opportunity. iCloud users have never experienced any issue or problem regarding downloading or uploading. Recently on Black Friday many users have received spam events and reported it to Apple center. Read the details below to get rid of spam events and Delete iCloud Calendar.

Spam Alert

Over the last weekend, the iCloud users have continuously reported about the spam alert and numerous Calendar invitations. As Black Friday offers the citizens, foreign sales but their deals and multiple offers have been shown on personal iCloud calendars. The options of accept, maybe and decline also appears on it. Many users were unaware of the fact, but most of them have responded to the requests.

The users who respond to the request, it notifies the spammer. The spammer gets to know that account is active and user is ready to welcome malware offers. Users are advised to try an alternative method to remove spam events on iOS devices.

Follow the step by step method to remove these spams from your devices. This will protect your all personal information.

Step by step guide

Following are the step by step guide with the help of which you can easily Delete iCloud Calendar

Step 1

Open the calendar application in iPhone

Step 2

Just click on Calendars button which is mentioned at the bottom of screen

Step 3

Now locate Edit button in Calendar application and then add calendar.

Step 4

Give your calendar a renowned or well-known name such as “Junk” or “ Spam.”

Step 5

Just click “Done” and go back to the Calendar screen.

Step 6

Click on the spam invitation mentioned in the primary calendar and move it to your newly created screen.

Step 7

Just tap on Calenders button mentioned at the top of screen and then click on “i” which will be mentioned right after the new calendar you created.

Step 8

Select the new calendar and delete it from the option mentioned at the bottom of screen menu.

This will help you to get rid of unwanted events. Let the spammers know that you are wiser.

If the cloud calendar settings is set to receive event notifications then login to your iCloud from browser. Open it and go to Preferences and then Advanced. Now select Receive event invitations via Email. This will allow the users to delete events of spam calendar as emails. So that as all from how to Delete iCloud Calendar.


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