Everything You Need to Know About LG Verizon Wireless Gizmo Gadget


You will never have heard of any gadget so secure and interactive like Gizmo Gadget. It is an LG product which makes the life easy to go. It the most secure wearable gadget. It has touchscreen display 1.3 inches and is bright because of interactive colors making the font easy to read. The user can attend calls and save at least 10 contacts.

The user can also send short messages and can use map. The amazing thing is that you can locate the phone via map. The waterproof gadget is the product of Verizon available in Navy and red color.

 Stay connected with Gizmo Gadget

Now you will be able to stay connected and can attend important calls with the incredible calling and messaging feature. You can receive and make calls up to 10 contacts. It owns a dedicated button and has a great touch screen display. The interface is user-friendly allowing the user to send and receive messages. You will be notified with the animation or sound according to settings you will set.

Easy to locate

With your Gizmo Gadget map location feature, you can locate your phone, and with phone, you can easily locate device. The settings will allow you to set boundaries, and you will be notified if it crosses the boundary.

Designed for comfort

The exceptional design of the gadget is comfortable and easily wrap around wrist. You can set various touch screen themes, and band is available in different color options. It is perfect companion. You can set various fitness goals as well as different activity. The amazing GizmoGadget will let you count steps and count jump rope jump. You can record voice messages as well.

Oversee Gizmo Gadget

Now you can manage settings of gadget with your phone by downloading its app. You can program at least 10 contacts and customize preset messages. You can change the theme, volume and set goals, various activities and play fun sounds. The application helps compatible with Android 4.0 and higher. It can also be used on iOS 7 and higher.

Best for children

So stay in touch with your kids by this amazing gadget.  Allow your children to wear it and you will be able to remain in touch with them and will be atasehirmeb.com able to make an excellent choice. The wrist wearable is safe and fun to use. It has a sleek design which looks modern and stylish. It is available in navy and red color.


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