How to Connect Android phones to a Projector


Now it is not difficult to connect your Android Phones with a projector. If you have a data, pics videos and movies and you want to watch it on a big screen eskort mecidiyeköy like a projector with your family or friends then this is not an impossible thing. So, from this guide, you will learn how to Connect Android Phones with Projector. This is a new and great thing that we can watch movies online and give a presentation in the class or office. So its works great to connect a Smartphone with a projector.


IF you want to Connect your Smartphones with a projector then follow the guide below.

How to Connect Android Phones with Projector

Wireless App:

Wireless App is the best app to connect a Smartphone with a projector because it is the easiest way to connect. Many companies have a projector and many companies are giving the built-in app to connect projector with the Smartphones using Wifi or Bluetooth. You can find these apps on Google PlayStore. From these branded companies I will like to suggest you a brand like Panasonic what has a built-in app to connect a smartphone to a projector.


Chromecast is also a good choice to connect the phone with a projector. If want to watch movies then you can Mirror Android Screen on Projector. You can attach the phone with the help of HDMI Cable using the WiFi network and Mirror the Android Screen.


You can use Miracast to connect your phone to a Projector. Many new Android Smartphones and Projectors support Miracast. If your projector does not support Miracast then you must purchase Miracast Video Adapter that attaches with the HDMI cable to the Projector. Good thing is that it does not require an existing WIFi network and mirror your phone to the projector.

Hard-Wired Connection:

If these upper methods do not work to connect your phone to the projector then Hard Wire Method is the only way left. You can buy an MHL or HDMI Cable to connect your phone to a projector. Connect you MHL or HDMI cable to the phone then connect it to the projector with HDMI Port.


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