Android Features That iOS Needs to Steal


Android Features That iOS Needs to Steal

A couple of years back, I felt sorry for the users of Android because of their sluggish and clunky devices. I never thought that one day I will write this article that Android have some extra features which iOS devices lack. Now iOS devices look old because of few awesome Android features.

I have shared some of these awesome features which iOS needs to copy. There might be many but I have shared some of the best with you. Let see which are these features

Switch between your two last used apps

One of the amazing new features which Nougat offers is that it can show a couple of apps on the screen at the same time. By double tapping on the Android’s multitasking button, Nougat will switch to the app which you were using before. Now to switch back again double-tap and it will switch in no time. Very amazing and exciting feature which iOS should also introduce.

ios vs android

Auto battery-saver mode

What an awesome feature it is which was introduced a few years back. It turns off activity of background apps. All kind of activities which drains our batteries are automatically closed. It’s just perfect for saving battery when it is on its last points.

Apple followed this low power mode option which was introduced in iOS 9 but the problem is that this feature doesn’t work automatically as in Android. In Android you can set a percentage and when the battery reaches that point it will automatically turn on the power saving mode. In iOS, you have to manually turn on power saving mode. So Apple should also copy automatic feature for power saving mode.ios vs android

Clear all app caches

Most of us face storage problems in our smartphones. Social apps alone uses a lot of cached data which can be a big trouble for us.

While using Android devices we can easily clear the cached data by opening our device settings> Storage> Cached Data. So in this way, the cached data will easily be cleared in Android devices. But if you are using an iOS device then you cannot clear all app caches. There is no concept of clearing app caches manually. So, therefore, Apple need to copy this feature as well.ios vs android

Turn on ‘Do not disturb’ for just an hour

I was very happy when Do Not Disturb mode was introduced in iOS 6 but when I used it was not as I was expecting. iOS offers only one quite period as compared to multiple quite periods in Android through its DND mode.

So by opening the quick settings of Do Not Disturb in Android, you will see an option of “For One Hour” setting. Simply select this option and then DND mode will turn on and it will automatically be turned off in an hour.

On the other hand, you can turn on DND mode in the iOS but you have to manually turn it off. When you are relaxing then how you will turn it off. So, therefore, this feature is a fail in iOS.

ios vs android

So there were few android features which iOS needs to follow. For any queries comment below.


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