How to transfer chat history from iOS to Android


Are you planning to change your mobile set from iPhone to Android? Then you surely do not want to delete the chat history from your phone. WhatsApp is widely used, and the amazing features of the WhatsApp application let the users share files of various format. Following are the methods which help you transfer chat history from iOS to Android device.

Using the Email Chat

Follow the step by step method for the best results.

Step 1: Just go the Settings of WhatsApp on your iPhone. Click on the Chat settings and then go To Email chat.

Step 2: now you will see a list, select the WhatsApp history which you want to transfer. You will see a pop-up window which displays the message of Attaching media content will result in massive email size.

Step 3: Options will be provided to you. So if you want to keep the media, then select Attach media otherwise check without Media option.

Step 4: now type the desired email address and send the message.

Step 5: log in your account from the Android phone and then view the sent email. Remember you only cannot sync the WhatsApp messages on the Android phone but can view the messages as a log.

Using Backup

It is the second method which you can follow to transfer the chat history from iPhone by using the backup procedure.

Step 1: To proceed with the backup method, you need to make a backup of the WhatsApp history.

Step 2: now just go to WhatsApp settings from your phone and then tap on the Chats Backup. You will view the latest backup. You can also follow up the manual backup method for the WhatsApp messages by tapping on the Backup now option.

Step 3: uninstall WhatsApp application on iPhone.

Step 4: now install the application on Android set and just register WhatsApp with the phone number. A pop-up frame displays the message that backup found. Now click “Restore.” The messages will be transferred to Android device.

The methods explained above are great to implement. These methods are applied and tested for the accuracy. Just relocate the WhatsApp chat with these easy steps. The process is easy to follow. You will not loose the messages again, even if you are changing the phone. So these were easy steps to transfer chat history from iOS to Android.


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