Top Android Lock screen Apps of 2016


Top Android Lock Screen Apps

The lock screen is the best feature of smartphones.It is not just for the beauty of screen but it is used for the security and the safety of the data of the mobile phone. As the time passed the stock Android lock screen are being improved very fast but still a lot of mobile users prefer to use 3rd party lock screen apps instead of the stock lock screen apps. Android is an open source system, billions of android apps are available on Google play store and they are all highly customizableable. A mobile phone user uses the lock screen hundreds of time in a day. Sometimes he feels boring using stock lock screen because the stock apps are not much customizable. When we compare, the third party apps are always better than the stock apps because they have many functions.  That’s why most of the smartphone users prefer to use third party lock screen apps for the full control and best use of the smartphone. The google play store is full of lock screen apps but all apps are not very good, some are good and others are not working very well. But after spending a long time on search, we bring some good lock screen apps for you. Here are top Android Lock screen Apps of 2016.

The best Lock screen apps and widgets which you can use for unlocking your phone with more fun and functions given below.

Go Locker:

go locker 1go locker 3go locker

Go locker is on the top of all the lock screen apps. There are over 130 million smartphone users are using  Go Locker. The rating is 4.4/5 which is pretty good. Here are some features of Go Locker app.

  • It’s all about privacy and Go Locker can completely lock home buttons from walking up your screen to protect your privacy fully.
  • It provides lots of themes in different styles such as Android style, I phone style, weather style, water style, nature style and many more.
  • It provides shortcuts to system, switches and setting.
  • It provides the function in which you can read any type of messages directly from the lock screen.
  • Have a function to clean the running apps in a single click and boost up the speed of mobile

Download Go Locker Free

Solo Locker:

solosolo 1

Solo Locker is the best and amazing lock screen app on Google Play store. It is full of fun and customizable, it allows a user to design his own lock screen. Here the user can use his own picture and design your own pattern for unlocking. You can fully understand after the installing of the Solo Locker.

Solo Locker have some great features.

  • It is the first screen locker, allow a user to lock the phone with photos.
  • It is the first pattern locker in the style of material design.
  • It is light and smooth in use.
  • Solo Locker comes with amazing wallpapers and locks screen themes with stylish unlocking styles.
  • A user can use photos as part of the phone’s password.
  • A user can customize his own passcode interface.
  • There are widgets of notifier, music player and quick start app.
  • In a pattern password, a user can use cartoon pics as a password.

Download Solo Locker

CM Locker:


CM locker is one of the best locker I have ever seen. Over 1.7 million people are using this locker. The rating is pretty high 4.6/5 which shows the ability  of  locker and satisfaction of the user. This is the highest rated locker on Google Play store. CM Locker gives you super-thin font with a slide-up quick setting menu. You can do any action quickly like launching the music app, turn on Bluetooth or any other task.

  • CM Locker gives you super-thin font with a slide-up quick setting menu. You can do any action quickly like launching the music app, turn on Bluetooth or any other task.
  • CM have the feature to clean the apps which cause the battery drainage.
  • It can boost the speed directly from the toolbox.
  • If anyone enters a wrong password it allows to take a picture of that person automatically which is a new and great feature of CM locker.
  • It provides all the notifications of social media and other apps on the lock screen of the mobile and gives direct access on the home screen to open this.
  • It gives easy control over the music app on the lock screen.
  • It gives the weather update on the lock screen.
  • It provides the camera shortcut for the quick access of the camera.
  • The best thing is that it supports CM security means it is CM security friendly app which is no 1 app of security since many years.

Download CM Security


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