Top 5 Lightest Launchers for Android: Best Android Launchers of 2016


If you have and Android and you want to make it more amazing and beautiful then you don’t need to change your mobile, there are some good launchers which make your mobile more attractive with their new looks. In this post, I will tell you about the top 5 Launchers for Android which you can use in your mobile for looking fabulous and more attraction. If you are using a good Android Smartphone, obviously it must serve you a lot and you want to change your mobile because you are getting bored to use it for such a long period. You need not worry about it because here are some great launchers which change your mobiles as like new which have some new features like, amazing desktop, good color scheme, new writing style and amazing designs of desktop icons. This is the only way to refresh and gives a good look for my Android. These Launchers are available in Google Play Store from which you can download easily without any cost.

These are the Top 5 Launchers for android which gives the amazing looks to your Smartphone. You must try that launcher for a great experience.

1:Hola Launcher


Hola Launcher is one of the best Launcher in the series of top-ranked launchers.  It is a good launcher which you can use in your android mobile without any problem. It has some new features to save battery life. Holo Launcher is very simple, fast and quick and gives your phone a new look. It has its own wallpapers and themes which you install to personalize your device and to change the look of your smartphone. It will change the look of your icons and makes it amazing for users. It has the ability to hide apps, edit the effects used when changing windows and search for things directly from the main page using an integrated search bar and you can instantly edit your high definition background daily. If you want to try this Launcher then Install the Hola Launcher from the link below.


2: Apex Launcher


The second good launcher in the list of top 5 Lightest Launchers is Apex Launcher. It is an amazing Launcher which gives you the great experience and a new look for your mobile. It has many new features of customizable hame screens and grid size. Scrollable dock, infinite and elastic scrolling, fancy transition effects, multiple drawer styles, hide apps from the drawer is the free basic features of that Launcher. You can enjoy home screen gestures, customizable app and folder icons and backup or restore settings and data. In fact, it is an amazing Launcher for Android lovers. It has a good color scheme which attracts every user and very easy to use.

Download Apex Launcher from the link below


3: CM LauncherCM-Launcher-Header

CM Launcher is also very good Launcher for Android for its new and amazing features with some new functions. It is the 3rd best Launcher in the list of Top 5 lightest Launchers. It is a lightweight solution for all those on the market for a new launcher. It is a very light Launcher and covers a very low space in the storage (1MB) of your phone. It is the best Launcher to improve the performance of your Smartphone and operate it more easily with customization and fun. It provides all the basic functions of a phone system screen management, search, weather, news and many more new features. It comes with a built-in anti-virus protection, and the developer puts it. So, this is a good Launcher and you must try this for a great experience.

If you want to download the CM Launcher then there is a link below to download it.


4: Smart Launcher


Here, is another good launcher for your Android Phone. Why Smart Launcher is the list of top 5 Lightest Launcher for Android because of its unique and well-known features for the great use of the phone. It is one of the more unique and curious Android Launcher. The signature feature of  this Smart Launcher is the Bubbles, a circular dial of several apps that are neatly positioned on your home screen. The color scheme of this Launcher is ver good and the icons are well designed. Speed up your device and the innovative Launcher that makes your Android more intuitive and well organized. More than 20 million peoples download that launcher to fun with it. It is totally free on Google play store.

If you want to download it then you can download it from the Google Play store and the link below to download it easily.


5: Yahoo Aviate Launcher


Yahoo Aviate Launcher is a unique Launcher for Android with its new and good features that give a new look for users. It is available for all Android user free in the Google Play Store. It has the good features of dynamically change the apps and link on your home screen and will give the information to organize your apps that can save your time to find what you need. It has many wallpapers to make your phone a fashion statement. Your home screen will look and feel different. The convenient search box allows you to quickly search the web, contacts, and your apps or just directly to a specific set of cards. It is very light Launcher and speed up your phone. The color scheme is also very good.

If you want to download the Yahoo Aviate Launcher then there is a link below to download it easily.



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