Top 5 Battery Saver Apps for Android


Top 5 Battery Saver Apps for Android

Hi Friends, battery draining issue is a common problem of most of the Android devices users. Today we will talk about Top 5 Battery Saver Apps for Android. Smartphones are becoming the most used devices in the world. Now it is a time that every of men has a smartphone. Smartphones have thousands of apps and a man spends most of his free time using the smartphones. The smartphone can b used not only for communication but most of the peoples use this for entertainment, for office use, for commercial use, for seeking knowledge and thousands of other purposes. As u know a user spends a lot of time on the mobile on the daily basis, then always have a problem too. The problem is always a battery timing issue. With countless apps sometimes running in the background the mobile battery can become drained quickly. If you are an Android user then no need to worry.  Android is an open source system and in this system, a user always has a solution of his problems. There are so many third party apps which help to improve the battery life of Android device. These apps are available on Google PlayStore. Some apps are free of cost and some are paid. always cares about his viewers, so we will show you here Top 5 Battery Saver Apps for Android, these apps are free of cost, and working well on Android device. We bring these apps after so many searches and no doubt these are the best apps for resolving the power issues of Android device. Top 5 Battery Saver Apps for Android given below.

1: Battery Doctor


Battery Doctor is the top of the list from mine for saving the battery life of Android. This is a free battery saving app that can extend your battery life up to 50%. This is very easy to use and sports 27 languages. People all over the world can use this app easily. This app has 3 stage charging system along with detailed battery information. The use of the app is easy, adjust your power draining setting and disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery. This app also has features that can monitor the whole device and regulate power consumption. Here are the key features Key Features of Battery Doctor.

  • Disable unnecessary apps which cause the power drain issue
  • Kill unnecessary tasks within one click
  • Kill apps when the screen of Android is off
  • It provides accurate battery remaining time
  • Provides Accurate  charging remaining time
  • Provides power saving modes for work, sleep, office and other purposes
  • Provides unique 3 stage Charging system
  • WiFi, data, Bluetooth toggle
  • Auto Brightness control
  • Works according to battery temperature
  • Provides charging tips
  • 27 languages supported

Download Battery Doctor

2: DU Battery Saver


This is also a free battery saver app. This app helps to make your android battery last longer. Over 8500000 Android devices are using this app, which shows the success of this power saving app. The optimise home screen widget allows you to stop power-consumptive background apps with one tap to boost your battery life. Here are the features of DU Battery Saver.

  1. Easy to use
  2. Fin and fix battery issues automatically on just a single click
  3. Shows accurate battery remaining time
  4. Shows accurate battery remaining time
  5. Healthy charge Stage Manager.
  6.  Have various intelligent mode and pre-set options helps in using as little battery as possible
  7. Have its own widgets to make things easily accessible.

Download DU Battery Saver

2: Easy Battery Saver


Easy battery saver is an easy solution of battery drainage problem. If you are dealing with battery problems of your mobile which give a short time charging and you are doing some important work in your phone or you are playing a game then you need to charge your mobile many times a day. So, don’t worry about your battery life here is an app, Easy Battery Saver which is the best app for your mobile. Easy Battery Saver is a very good app to extend your battery power in which you choose four option of power-saving options including General Saving Mode, Super Power Saving Mode, Advanced Customized Mode and Normal Mode. you select one from these and your problem will go away. Easy Battery Saver is free on Google Play Store and you can easily download it from the link below.

                    Download Easy Battery Saver

4: Super Battery Saver


Super Battery Saver is on 4th number in my list of Top 5 Battery Saver apps for Android. It is a good app with so many new features. More than 10 Million android users have downloaded and use this amazing app. This app increases your battery life of more than 50%. It has so many improving features and checks Battery Status, Health, Temperature and more amazing new helpful functions to monitoring the battery of the device. So, you must try this Super Battery Saver app for good battery life. If you want to download this app then here is a link to download it.

                   Download Super Battery Saver

5: Avast Battery Saver


Avast Battery Saver is a very good protector of your battery. Avast is well known for light weight and powerful protection products. It is the best battery saver for the android smartphone. This app has some new features for Android and saves battery life up to 60% of your mobile and you do not have to recharge your mobile many times a day. This app controls Internet connections, Screen Brightness, and optimize your phone setting to increase the battery life.So, this is a good app for Android phone and if you want to download the Avast Battery Saver, then there is a link below to download it from the Google Play Store.

                     Download Avast Battery Saver


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