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Games are the biggest source of entertainment. Every one want to play games in free time. Almost every Android user love to play games on their Android devices. bornova arçelik servisi Not only kids but adults also love to play games. But it is difficult to choose which game is good for playing and which matches to your Android device for downloading.

So here is a complete guide for top 18 Android games along with all aspects like Game Play, Graphics, Requirements, Screen Shots and the way how to download. These all games are paid but here you can download all these games free. You will definitely like these games and this will run smoothly on Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

1:Fallout 4 ♣

A new entry in the world of gaming is Fallout 4 which is available for Android, PC, Play station 4 and X-Box as well. The developer of the game is Bethesda Game Studio. It is released on 10th November 2015. It is the fifth game in the list of fallout series which is a great achievement. This new Fallout 4 has new features which are best from any other game of this series. In this post, I will tell you about the new and best features of the game and about how to Download Fallout 4 APK free for Android.

The game Fallout 4 is played in the some part of England and cover the region of Boston, Massachusetts which play this game in the post-apocalyptic environment which is somewhat retro-future. The game starts when the Bomb Dropped on 23rd October 2077. The protagonist goes to take shelter in the Vault 111 and then reappear after 200 years have passed. This you can see in the screenshots. Read more

The-Amazing-Spider-Man-2-banner (1)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ♣

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a 3D adventurous and full of fighting game. It is a crime fighting and non-stop action game in which you face the different challenges. This game is just like a film of Amazing Spider-Man in which Spider-Man searches the killer of his uncle Benn. In this game, you will play like a superhero,  who will help people of the city and save their lives by using his extraordinary abilities and potentials.

Story Of The Game

In this game, the New York city is under threats from the criminals and the real hero Spider-Men stops and kill the criminals to save his city as well as his  country. Spider-Man climbs up and down on the buildings with his strong rope and runs to fight and save the people of the city. The game gives Spider-Man free hand to Read More

 Need for Speed Most Wanted ♣

In the world of entertainment and fun Need for speed series of games are on the top, the developers of need for speed provided a lot of games which people all over the world played and enjoyed a lot, in this series of need for speed games one of this most famous game is Need for Speed Most Wanted. Need for Speed most wanted is a very good and stylish racing game, First Need For Speed released for windows or PC, after the huge performance its popularity increases day by day, then Need for Speed Most Wanted is released for Android smartphones but on Android it is not completely same as the PC.  It is a great game and can play very easily on Android mobiles and tablets. Read More

 ♣GTA San Andreas ♣ 

After a long  wait, finally, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has arrived on Android. The good thing is that it was highly anticipated especially after its release on IOS. This game is released by the rock star and this game belongs to the series of GTA gaming by rock star. GTA San Andreas is a legendary game of all times.

It is an open world game where you play as an ex-gang banger. His named is carl who returns home after the death of his mom to get some vengeance on the people who killed her. Read More

The Amazing Spider-Man ♣  

The Amazing Spider-Man is a 3 D adventure game free for Android smartphones. From this post, you will easily download The Amazing Spider-Man APk SD Data for Android. It is an amazing game in which you are a real fighter in the face of spider-Man which saves the life of peoples from the enemies. If you are really a game lover them you must know the name of the game “The Amazing Spider-Man”. This game is developed after the graceful victory of the movies of Spider-Man which is an amazing movie. Like the movie of spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man searches the killer of his uncle Benn. Read More

 Wild Blood ♣  


Wild Blood is a thrilling Action game which is specially developed for Android devices. The developer of the game is Game loft which developed the game very unique and especially adds the most thrilling features.The game requires 2 GB of free space in order to install. Good games are often paid and this is also a paid game on google Play Store and from here you can Download Wild Blood APK SD Data free for Android. When you like a game and wants to get the game from Play Store free for your Android device but, unfortunately, that game was often paid but from here you can get paid Wild Blood free for Android. Follow the instructions below from where I will give you the instructions how to download and Install the Wild Blood. Read More

 Temple Run OZ ♣

Temple Run Oz is an amazing Arcade game which is now available for Android. The game developed by Disney. The game belongs to an Infinite running in which you have to run from the big Monster. The running fast and fast will bring far from that Monster. You have to collect more and more coins to gain the power and unlock the more stages and powers. It is the latest version of the popular game of Temple Run. The graphics are very good and better from the old Temple Run which is free for Android. The sound are very good. The place is completely different from the old version which is very good. Run on the temple as well as different places for more coins. Read More

Pacific Rim ♣  


Pacific Rim is a famous video game of 2013 developed and published by Yuke’s. First it was released for X-Box 360 and PlayStation 3. But after a long wait, it was also released for Android user. That day was a happy day for Android users. For Android devices, it was developed by Reliance Games. Here is all about Download Pacific Rim Apk.

This is a Robot fighting game based on a Hollywood movie Pacific Rim by Warner Bros. In the game you have to fight using your monster Robot. The game has thirty missions, the opponent Robots gets stronger as the higher stages. Money can earn in the game which can b used for changing the parts of Robot, for obtaining the power and for more powerful Jaegers. The player uses the on-screen buttons to  block a Kaiju attack. Once the Kaju gives an opening, the player  swipes the screen to execute an attack. The game is pretty good and full of fun. The graphics are as good as real. The user interference is very well. The game control is very well. Read More

Dragon City Unlimited money ♣   

Dragon City Modded APK is a good adventurous game for android from where you play with huge dragons. This is an amazing game in which you play with the dragons whole in the city. You build an enhanced world in the Dragon City. You have to collect the hundreds of dragons and you have to take care of them and play train them for the battle. In the battle, you show your full Strength and how strong are you from other players.

Features of Dragon City

In the Dragon City, you have to collect the points for making a strong team for battle and collect the dragons. There are hundreds of different Dragons. Build your own city with buildings that arouse the envy of other players. It’s an online battle with thousands of players with the powerful Dragons. Play with your friends and sent them and visiting their Island. Read More

Gangster Rio City Of Saints ♣

Gangster Rio City of Saints is an amazing adventurous game free for Android. From this post, you can easily Download Gangster Rio: City of Saints free for Android. The game developed by Game loft and it is a great achievement of the developer to give so many features in the game and make it more amazing. In the game, you are a real hero and you fight with the criminals in the city and kill the enemies. In the game, you run in the streets of the city and also drive the cars to go from one place to other. There is also a map navigation to help you to go where you want. Read More

Batman Arkham Origins ♣

Now Batman Arkham Origin is available for Android Smartphones. From this post, you can easily download Batman Arkham Origins Apk free for Android. Every game lover must know the games of Batman, and you also must know about the fabulous game of Batman Arkham Origin. The reviews of the game prove your worth as Gotham’s Dark Knight, facing off against a slew of deadly assassins and their thugs which are developed for android. This is an open world adventurous game which includes all the well features. The game developed by Nether Realm Studios. Read More

GTA 3 ♣

GTA 3 is all time evergreen game, the game which is most famous and the popular game of the world, yes I am talking about the amazing and most playing Grand Thief Auto 3 which is considered the most successive and most playing game of the world. The specialty of the game is that every age of the men, women and children’s like to play this game. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to Download GTA 3 APK SD data free for Android, the downloading process is easy and working well on Android devices. So stay with me and easily Download GTA 3 APK SD data free for Android. Let’s have a look at the some parts of this great game.

GTA 3 (Grand Theft Auto III) is an open world adventure and full of an action game. This great entertainment is developed by DMA Design and  published by Rock star Games, which are famous for providing good and award winning games. GTA 3 was released in October 2001. The first release of the game was for Play station 2 and on May 2002, it was released for Microwave Windows. Read More

Max Payne ♣

If you really a game lover then you must have to know the Max Payne which is one of the most famous game in the world of the fighting game. Max Payne is a most popular game and the list of  Award Winning Game and people love to play that game. This is an old and well-known game and everyone loves to play that game. It was only for windows and after the success, Game Developer Rockstar Games decided to launch the game for Android and you can now play and enjoy the game in your android Smartphone. So, if you want to play and enjoy the game on your Android mobile or tablets then from here you can download and install the Max Payne along with SD Data . Just follow the instructions below from where you can get the game completely free from cost and can install it manually without any problem. Read More

Call Of Duty Strike Team ♣

f you really a game lover and love to thrill, then you must play the Call Of Duty Strike Team, because it is a thrill adventures game where you fight with the brave heart and defeat your enemy with a lot of courage and bravery. In the game, you are a brave soldier and fight like a real hero to save your country from the enemies. Your mission is to lead a joint special Operations Team in global efforts to hunt down those responsible. Strategically customize the members of Squad with weapons, perks or body armor. There are so many levels in the game which you must be complete to going for the next levels. There are so many weapons in the game which you use to kill the opponents and some kind of weapons are unlocked to complete the levels. Read More

GTA Vice City ♣

GTA Vice City is an award winning game released in October 2002, it is also an evergreen game of all times. We can say that GTA Vice City is the most popular and most playing game of the history of games and entertainment. The provider of the games Is RockStar Games which are very famous for developing the best games. This firm provides so many entertaining games for their users, and GTA vice city is the most popular game of them. GTA vice city is an amazing and an excellent game of android which is full of action and adventure, today we will talk about this great game and here we also know how we can download GTA vice city easily. Read More

Modern Combat 4: Zero hour ♣

Modern Combat Zero Hour is a  new military game forAndroidThe game is developed by Gameloft. It is a modern game and one of the best game in the list of the fighting game ever. It is also the best game of the series of Modern Combat. In the series of Modern Combat, there is a lot of Modern game like Modern Combat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Modern Combat Sandstorm, but the Modern Combat 4 is a very popular and most favorite game of lovers.

The game has a story of a real fighter in which you fight for the glory and kill the enemy. At this time, you play as great in the part of an American officer and the awful, as Edward page which wages war all over the world from Antarctica to Barcelona. You can dominate the game with your skills and with a new tactical movement system. In the game, there is 20 thousand new and latest weapon which uses to kill the opponent. There is a some kind of levels to play and defeat your enemy. It has extraordinary enhanced multiplayer option and numerous other improvements. Read More

Mortal Combat X ♣  

Mortal Kombat X, in this tutorial we will know about “How to Download Mortal Kombat X free for Android”.  Mortal Kombat X is a thrill action fighter game which is designed by an international company “Warner Bros”. It is a real fighter game in which you fight for the glory that means there is no boss on the earth. Everybody lives a life which he want. In the game, you are a real fighter and a leading from the front with your great experience and courage and fight like a brave man.

In the Mortal Kombat X, you are like a real hero and you will build a team of Mortal Kombat Fighters which participate in the biggest tournaments in the world and fight with a brave heart and prove them that there is no other power in the earth which rule over you, and a common man can do everything with his bravery. Read More

Leo’s Fortune ♣

Leo’s Fortune is a super cool and interesting Android game.It has attractive, remarkable and outstanding graphics, the game play very nice. The user has a great experience when playing this game.

The game story is very interesting, it’s rolling all about Leo whose gold coins are stolen by a thief.Now the story begins, in this stage he got anger.The game starts here. Leo doesn’t know anything about the thief who steals gold, the only clue he has is to follow the dropped coins from the thief’s  bag because of a small hole in the bag.He runs in search of coins in the forests of Tlahaysh. He follow the dropped coins and collecting, from here game stats.The game not only has great graphics also have interesting stages. Read More


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