Secret Feature Introduced By Apple In iOS 10.1


With the launch of iPhone 7 Plus, the Apple once again hit the headlines with the new iOS which is iOS 10.1. According to the news, the new iOS provides its users a great and impressive click with the new portrait camera. The iOS upgrade notification has been sent to all the iPhone networks so that the users can enjoy the various upgraded features. The major update was launched back on September 13 but is available to its users on October 24th. It is the 3rd update for the iOS 10 with a minor bug fix.

New Feature

New portrait approach in iOS 10.1 is simply amazing. The users can fully take advantage of the two cameras along with the telephoto lenses and the wide angle provided in iPhone. The portrait feature focuses on the subject while making the background of the portrait photos blurry.

How does it work?

Achieving the blurry feature in the phone is easy. The device is embedded with the image signal processor and uses the camera to capture the image in the wide angle by creating a depth map. The telephoto features blur the picture by adding the different layers in the photo and gives focus effect. It applies to all sorts of subjects such as people pets and even things. However, the user will be required a good lighting to get the great results.


The updates are not confined to the camera and photos, but also to the messages, maps, Apple watch or the improvements like bug fixes has been made. According to Apple, the iOS 10 update has been the biggest release for all the iPhone or iOS users. It lets the user have a great experience with the amazing features like redesigned Lock screen, an efficient Siri, Messages application, Digital touch, full Apple store, Bubble effects, stickers and much more.

So all iOS users, update your phone now and have the great experience.


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