How To Access The Secret Camera Magnifier In iOS 10


The launch of the iPhone has passed. If you are the jack lover of the iPhone set, then you may not know that it also offers the camera upgrade. iOS 10 has introduced a great and cool feature of the centric camera which lets the user avail the digital magnifier. The digital magnifier proves to be very useful. It helps the user to capture the details which they want, even the minor details. If you have not bumped up to this feature, then let us guide you how to access the secret camera magnifier in iOS 10.


To access the Secret Camera Magnifier in the iOS 10 just go to the settings and tab in General option, now click on the accessibility and select magnifier. The sequence will be as follows.

Settings > General >Accessibility > Magnifier

Just turn on the magnifier option and return to the home screen of your set.

How does it work?

Now when you complete the settings just triple click the home button, and you will be able to access the camera magnification feature. The tool proves to be very handy. You can zoom in and see whatever you want more clearly. You can capture the image at the same time while using the magnification. Make sure to hold your phone for a stabilized picture position because if the device is not stabilized, then the captured image will be a blur. Now examine the scene in a more stabilized way.


The magnifier not only provides the magnification but also lets the user modify the colors. You can adjust the colors in the settings according to your need. It also enables you to invert the colors. You can make the scenes brighter so that your eyes do not stress and allow you to see the image clearly.

The feature proves to be very great. Now the users of iPhone can enjoy the new found microscope or magnifier in the smartphone.

So this was all about secret camera magnifier. Hope you liked the article. For any questions comment in the comment section, we will definitely help you.


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