Root Lg G4 All Models Without Computer


LG G4 is a popular Android device of LG Electronics. This smartphone is in the list of top five mobile phones of 2015. It was released in April 2015. Seeing the popularity we expect that large numbers of Android users have owned this great smartphone. After the launching escort Avcılar Android smartphone has so many restrictions by the manufacturer. We can’t enjoy our smartphone fully in that restricted condition. For the full control over our device, we must need to root our device. When we decide ”we have to root our smartphone” the next process is how can we root our smartphone as easy as possible. This tutorial belongs to the persons who want to root their LG G4 easily in just a few easy steps. Here I will show you the easy process of How To Root LG G4 All Models Without Computer, which is the easiest way of rooting ever.


Benefits of Rooting LG G4

We are talking about the top-ranked smartphone, we were also talking about high-end specs and features, LG G4 have all these things.If anyone have bought this device and he is an android user then he will definitely wish to use this device for completing various operations. escort Taksim A user can’t use his smartphone with full power having factory restrictions. In this situation root access is the must for any of the mobile user.

Before starting the rooting process let us talk about rooting and why it is necessary because some users don’t know fully about rooting, I m sure this guide will help all the readers about rooting and all its aspects. Let’s have a little look on rooting.

  • Rooting the phone basically gives us freedom. A new phone have many restrictions by the manufacturers and rooting the phone removes all the internal restrictions of software and it’s all subsystems. It gives an ability to the user to change things which he needs.
  • A user can enjoy many third party applications that require root access, means many apps can’t download without having a root access. It’s all due to the manufacturer restrictions.
  • A user can overclock his phones CPU only when his device is rooted.
  • Every unofficial process needs a custom recovery, and a custom recovery needs a root access. After rooting, we can install custom recovery and can enjoy custom ROMs on our smartphone.

So let’s start the process to root LG G4 all models. Read the disclaimer and necessary instructions carefully, if you agree to the terms and conditions then proceed the process.


Mind it rooting a smartphone is an unofficial process, a user is about to complete a custom process. After rooting the warranty of smartphone escort Beşiktaş will void, that is the only disadvantage of rooting. Do all this process at your own risk, if something went wrong will not b held responsible for any kind damage to your smartphone.

Necessary things before proceeding

  • This is not a data loss process but it is better to backup all the important data of your mobile because if something went wrong you may lose your precious data
  • Charge your phone up to 50% to avoid the power issues of mobile.
  • This root process works all the previous models of LG G4 like LG Sprint 4g Zwart,  LG Sprint 4G (C70) Zwart, LG Leon 4G Zwart, LG Nexus5-4g, LG Sprint 4G Gound including all carrier of LG.
  • Your LG G4 need to have a custom recovery and unlocked bootloader. These two things are the must for this process. Without having these things, you can’t do further process.

Steps to Root LG G4 All Models Without Computer

Step 1

First on your device download Update Super file from ⇒ Here

Step 2

After downloading move this Super SU File to the internal storage of your LG G4.

Step 3

Turn off your phone and boot into recovery mode, for this press and hold volume down and powers buttons together for few seconds until LG logo appears on the screen of mobile, release the buttons for a second and hold them back again. Now the recovery menu will appear. Now you are in the recovery menu.

Step 4

From there find the Super SU file which we have downloaded in Step 1 and install this file. Swipe to confirm the installing process.  The flashing process will take some time. When it completes reboot your phone.

Congrats, you have rooted your LG G4 successfully. You can do everything with your phone. Now you have full control over your LG G4. If you have any problem let us tell in comments. Like and share our tutorial.



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