How to Read Your Voicemails In iOS 10

The new update of iOS which is iOS 10 is absolutely amazing. It have many amazing features and one of them is Voice Transcription which is available for newer iPhones (7, 6s, SE and other latest models). If you are out and not available for checking the voicemails then Voice Transcription can be a very useful option. Apple will attempt to transcribe what you got in your voicemail box so that you can screen your calls even if you’ve missed them.

voicemail transcription

How to Read Your Voicemails in iOS 10

After upgrading your iOS version you will be able to use this new feature of transcription. When you will receive a voicemail, the iPhone will start the process and after few minutes it will recognize and then process the spoken words. So to check the new voicemail transcription, open the Voicemail Tab where all the voicemail list will be present and then open any of the voicemails tap on it by which it will take you to the transcription.

If its transcription is available you will see Transcribing… and after few seconds a very accurate transcription will be available. This transcription option was also introduced by Google but it was not very accurate.

You have to remember one thing that few words may not be accurate because it is transcribing from a phone call which might be of poor quality and also remember that this amazing feature is only available for newer iPhones which include iPhone 6S to the latest iPhone 7. Older versions, unfortunately, doesn’t support this feature for now.

Transcribing voicemails works perfectly when you cannot listen to the voicemails but can see it for example if you are in a meeting or any other event. This feature will get better with time when people will start using it more often. If you have any question in your mind, feel free to comment below.


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