How to Play N64 ROMs on Android Smartphones


If you are a game lover, then this comprehensive guide will surely help you to play games on devices via PC to phone installation. With the advancement in technology, Emulators get updated with time and vary according to instructions of changes. Follow the general guide to get started with the amazing games to play N64 ROMs on Android Smartphone.

What is N64 ROMS?

Most of the people are unaware of the term, but if you are an Android user, then you must know that N64 make the most controversial consoles. However, it is different from the virtual boy. They provide great video quality along with the good sound. It is perfect for the sprawling game and provides significant loading time.

If your ROM is running slow, then go to settings, change the Audio and video settings and Max frame drop must be adjusted to 4. This will help.

Step by Step guide to Play N64 ROMs

Following is the step by step guide which will surely help you to play N64 ROMs on Android Phone.

  • Step 1

Google the Emulator Section and look for any N64 Emulator.

  • Step 2

Make sure to download the ROM from the safe and secure website on your computer. Turning on the antivirus may prove to be great and protects your PC and mobile from malware.

  • Step 3

This is a major step which allows you to connect the USB with your Android Phone and then t your Computer. On your phone, you will get a notification to Turn on USB storage just click on it. The option may vary from device to device. Make sure that the wire must be disconnected from PC or phone.

  • Step 4

Now just create a folder on your Android phone with the name ROMS. You can easily do it by accessing the Android device via My Computer.  A new device will be displayed. Pen and create a folder.

  • Step 5

It is a very important step in which you will transfer all the downloaded games in the ROMs folder on your Android device. After you have moved the games, just turn off the USB storage. This will safely unmount the SD card.

  • Step 6

Just open up the N64 emulator and search the game in ROMs folder. Double tap on the game and start playing the favorite game. You can modify the settings from the game option or change the framerate for better visuals. Audio settings can also be adjusted according to your choice.

So enjoy games of your choice as much as you can.


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