Official GTA 5 APK- 100 % Real GTA V Android v1.5 update


A really good news for GTA game lovers that the real developers of GTA games Unity are now working hard to develop GTA 5 APK for Android devices, yes it is 100 percent true that the Beta version of real GTA 5 APK is now available for Android devices, this version is underdeveloped, have 44.51 MB space. This is not a full GTA 5 android game but it is a part of this game which is in the initial stages. You can download official GTA 5 APK game from the link given at the end of this post.

GTA 5 APK V 1.3

official GTA 5 APK V1.3 is now available by the Unity, which are the real developers of this game, before this V1.1 and V1.2 APK versions were developed, In V1.1 version there was one character only with little space, in V1.2 version a pistol was added with the main character. He can fire now. In the V1.3 version, a stylish blue bike added. The graphics are amazing and more space and roads are added. He can ride a bike at full speed on the road. In 45 MB space, a player can get full fun with the stylish heavy bike. A player can do some stunts with the bike, the roads with jumps give the real feel of riding. According to the developers in next versions, they are going to add a house, car with more surface on the island. In this way, they will develop a full game step by step. According to the developers, the full official GTA 5 will b 2 GB in space and I am pretty sure that we will able to play the full game at the end of 2018.

Features of the real GTA 5 Android 

  • Improved graphics.
  • Amazing roads with jumps, floor made of bricks.
  • A blue speedy heavy bike with full control.
  • Audi Car Added
  • Big Gun Added
  • Slow motion effects
  • Cheat codes available
  • Skyfall added
  • Super Jump introduced
  • Moon Gravity introduced

GTA 5 Los Angeles Crimes APK v1.8 (Latest Update)

  • Size 60 MB
  • Updated 10 Feb 2018

GTA 5 Apk v1.6- Dec 29, 2018

Download GTA 5 v1.6 Apk

Game Link Official GTA 5 apk v1.5, Dec 19, 2017

Download GTA 5 V1.5 APK 45 MB

Game Link ⇓⇓ Official GTA 5 Android- Version V1.3 ⇓⇓

GTA 5 V1.3 APK 44 MB

How to download Real GTA 5 Android v1.3 trial version

  • Download GTA 5 APK file from the given above link.
  • Install ZArchiever from Playstore.
  • Enable Unknown source of your device, for this go to your mobile Settin>>Security>>Unknown source, now tap to enable it.
  • Now open ZArchiever, find the downloaded file named GtaV1.3.apk or GtaV1.5.apk, if you are using Google Chrome then you will find this file in Download folder if you are using UC browser the file will b available in UC Downloads.
  •  Now click on GtaV1.3apk 44.51MB or GTA V1.5apk 45MB file, now click on Open and Install the Game.

That,s it, friends,  You have done all the process. Now simply click on Open. Select the shadow quality and play the game. Hope you will enjoy this Official GTA 5 android game which is in very initial stages. If you have any issue while downloading or installing let us tell in comments, we will please to properly guide you. thanks for visiting my site.


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