How to Fix Galaxy Note7 Slow & Unresponsive Keyboard


Galaxy Note7 have some battery issues but still it is one of the best smartphone available. It have excellent GPU, a lot of RAM and one of the best processor available. It can do any task within seconds. So then the question arises why users are not happy with the keyboard and are complaining that it is laggy. Well many users blame TouchWiz for this but it is not the actual reason. The main reason will be any of the two problems discussed below.

So Let’s see what these problems are and how to fix them

Disable Accessibility Services

The main reason is of Android’s Accessibility service and because of this their Galaxy Note7 keyboard lags. Many times, these services are used by your launcher to enable swipe gestures, so you might have enabled it without knowing it.

So now to solve this issue open Accessibility menu from the settings. Now look for Services section by scrolling down. Select the apps which are in this list. After that you have to turn off the services by toggling the switch which is on the top of the screen. Then simply confirm your choice by tapping on OK.

If in case more than one Accessibility service is enabled then you have to repeat the same above process for each of them. After the process is completed you will definitely feel the difference in your lagging keyboard.

Clear Clipboard History

Now if the first method didn’t worked for you then we have another method which will hopefully sort out things for you and makes the lagging keyboard better.

So to start the process you have to long press any text input field which is completely blank. Then a pop up window will appear, tap “Clipboard” on it. After that tap on “Delete All” which will be on the right corner and finally tap “Delete” on the popup window in order to proceed.

The clipboard cache fills up very quickly because users take many screenshots and copy text frequently. So by deleting this cache as we just did will definitely make keyboard performance and speed better for a short period of time but the problem is this cache builds back up. So you have to delete it whenever you feel that the keyboard is lagging.


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