Learn To Manage Downloads in iOS 10


The new iOS 10 is becoming popular day by day. The new updates and the tutorials are getting viral on the internet. Apple has also introduced many different ways to operate with the iOS of iPhone. They are providing measures to the users of iPhone to understand the device to a deeper level. The new trick of managing downloads in the iOS is introduced. The new feature will surely come in handy in the iOS. Remember that this function is valid for the devices with 3D touch such as iPhone 6s or 7 models. So learn to Manage Downloads in iOS 10.

How does it work?

Now download any application from the store. The 3D touch of the phone will let the user avail a variety of options. Just tap on the downloading app, and the number of options will open to you. With these options, you can cancel the download. You can also remove the application from the downloading list or can switch back to the previous version. It also lets you pause the download and stop it altogether, or you can resume it later.

The most interesting thing is that you can also prioritize or manage the currently downloading apps. You can move the apps up in the queue or can change their positioning.

Helpful feature

The new managing downloads feature in iOS proves to be very useful for the users. In the older version of iOS, most of the downloads get stuck, and this issue has been eliminated in 10 version. This has let the users download the small size applications first. The user is also escort bayan bayrampaşa able to have more control on the store downloads. So, if you are downloading more than one app then tap on the current downloading to avail the feature to manage downloads.

3D touch

The 3D touch users of iPhone 7 are experiencing some issues. The users are unable to download the applications through their touch-id in the new phone sets. When they install the application, the pop-up window appears showing that the app will not download and takes escort bayan avcılar them to the original screen. If any of the users is facing the same issue, then disable your touch-id from the iTunes purchases and the app store. Now switch off the phone and turn on. Enable the touch-id again for iTunes and app store. This solution will surely resolve the issue.

So enjoy downloading on your new iOS and I hope you have learned that how to manage downloads in iOS 10.


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