Learn to Easily Share Photos on the Android Smartphones


Almost every new smartphone has a primary camera. You can access the gallery easily and can click as many pictures as you want. However, the trend of taking selfies and using the main camera is common. According to the research, there are more than 2.5 trillion photos which have been stored online and taken via smartphone. So what you do with the precious snaps.

If you are a user of an Android phone, then you can easily share photos with your friends, relatives or loved ones. Following are the basic methods for the beginners. Some of the great services and great applications surely help you out and allow you to share images with the family and friends.

Basic of sharing photos

When you visit the gallery on your phone, you will find the sharing icon at the bottom of very image. The share photos icon may vary according to the phone. However, the global sharing icon is represented by three points which are joined with two lines. Tap on the option, and you will be able to access the photos menu directly. The menu has all list of device and apps. It will show messaging, email, Facebook, Twitter and various other social sharing options installed on your phone.

If you want to share the individual photo, just tap on any option where you want to post it. If you want to edit the image before sharing the picture, then Facebook allows you to retouch the settings before sharing. However, the original photo will not be affected with the editing.

How to share an album?

If you are using an Android phone with the latest operating system, then you can use the NFC functionality. The Android beam helps to share the photos quickly. Just Go to Settings and turn on NFC on both devices. Hold both devices back to back, and you will be able to see the option touch to beam. Just navigate the photo which you want to share. If you want to share more than one photo then long press the photo.

Google photos

Google photos allow you to back up all the pictures. You can upload as many pictures. It also allows you to upload videos for free. You will be able to get 15GB for free. The uploaded images will be of high quality. Make sure to use the service via wi-Fi.

So keep your precious moments safe by the backup and sharing method.


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