iOS 10 Issues and Their Solutions


You are not that single person who is facing iOS 10 issues. As iPhone & iPad has run into number of issues and if you have unexpectedly experience any, you don’t need to be confused or be tensed over it. We have solutions for them, read this article and make your experience better.

iPhone stops vibrating after updating to iOS 10

Usually people notice that their iPhones’ don’t vibrate in iOS 10, when they receive messages.

You can fix this problem by first of all restarting your iPhone by pressing and holding the sleep button and the home button for 10 seconds. When the iPhone will restart the Apple logo will pop up. Still if the problem is not fixed then you have to factory reset your iPhone. Before you start doing don’t forget to backup all the files and settings. When you will reset all the data from your device will be cleared.

Games run slow in iOS 10

if you notice, graphically intensive games are slow to open in your device and while playing you feel sluggish, then you have to close all the applications opened on your device. Then you have to press and hold the power and home buttons for atleast 10 seconds till the apple logo is visible on the screen.

This will reset your device, which sort out all problems. It is also very important to make sure that you have the latest version of the games that you have installed in your device as the application makers may have released an update of that game to make their applications work better with iOS 10.

Device gets hot when charging after iOS 10 update

If you start noticing that after updating to iOS 10 your iPhone or iPad has started to heat up when charging. So don’t worry about it because we have a solution for it aswell.

Maybe iOS still be updating applications in the background instantly after updating iOS 10, so it may get hotter than usual while being charged. So you should give it some time and probably your device will come back to its normal temperatures when charging.

So these were some common iOS 10 issues which users are facing after upgrading to iOS 10. If you have any questions, comment below we will definitely help you.


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