Install Zestia for iOS without Jailbreak (Cydia Alternative for iOS 9/9.1/9.2/9.3 and iOS10)


Install Zestia (X-Cydia) for iPhone/iPaid/iPod

Good news for iOS lovers, iOS was known for its restrictions by the manufacturers but now the time has changed. The Much good news is coming day by day for iPhone or iPad users. Today’s article belongs to those iOS geeks who wants to install custom apps and tweaks on their devices without jailbreaking their iPhones and iPad.  The reason is that jailbreaking is an illegal as well as a risky process, it also voids the phone’s warranty. Most of the iOS users don’t want to jailbreak their device but very keen to install custom apps to the full and purely enjoyment of their iOS device. Before some time there was no solution to this problem but now there are many ways. There are now different Cydia alternative for installing custom apps on iOS. I checked many Cydia alternatives and I found Zestia for iOS is the best among all. Zestia for iOS can b installed without jailbreak your iPhone, iPAD, and iPOD. At the end, you will know how to install Zestia for iOS (iPhone/iPOD/iPAD) without jailbreak your device.


The users of iOS who are using some other Cydia alternative like vShare, Tutuapp, Hipstore, Professional, Aptoide, AppiShare etc or anymore must try Zestia because on many forums I found that people comments positively about Zestia and like more among other Cydia alternatives. Zestia is useful to download tweaked and paid iOS apps for free. Using Zestia you can install many those apps which are made for Jailbroken device. Zesta was also called ”X-Cydia” because of the alternative of Cydia. I can say not all Cydia apps but most of the apps can get from Zestia.

We all know jailbreaking unlocks so many features in your iOS but you should also think about your device security concerns which may arise after jailbreaking you iPhone, iPod or iPad. So think twice before jailbreaking your device. If you want to install your favorite game like Game Boy, Nintendo, Pokemon Go for iOS or some other famous apps like PlayBox, CinemaBox or others for free then you don’t need to jailbreak your device for installing custom apps. As I mentioned there are now many Cydia alternatives but Zestia for iOS is the best choice.

Zestia (X-Cydia) Features

  • Safe and easy installation.
  • Have almost all famous apps and games free of cost.
  • No need to Jailbreak your device.
  • Zestia is specially designed for iOS and friendly app for iOS, iPAD, and iPOD.
  • It works over all the iOS 9/9.1/9.2/9.3/iOS 10 and also works latest iOS 10 beta, which is a speciality of First of all, for iOS.

Steps to install Zestia for iPhone/iPod/iPad without Jailbreak (For iOS 9/ 9.1/9.2/ 9.3 and iOS10)

The steps are given below to install Zestia for iPad/ iPod or iPhones.

  1. First of all, you need to connect your iOS device to the internet.
  2. Now open Safari Browser on your iOS device, in the URL search ””
  3. After searching, you will found the official web page of Zestia. From there Install ZestiaFor this tap on Install Zestia.zz
  4.  On next screen ”Trust the app’s profile” and after that again tap on the Install button. Zzzzzzz1
  5. Again finally tap on Install button. After taping installation will start, after installation, go to your Apps Drawer and open the Zestia app.

How to use Zestia for installing your favorite Apps

  1. Open Zestia
  2. In the search menu write the name of the app which you want to install.
  3. After finding the app tap on the Install option.
  4. After installation, you need to trust the enterprise of that app because it is the part of the installation.
  5. Now go to device Setting>>General>>Profiles, there trust the untrusted profile of the app you install.
  6. Now freely run your app which you have downloaded. It will work perfectly now.

Hope you like this tutorial, if you have any issue during installing let us tell in comments, we will guide you 24/7.


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