Install Custom Recovery on Most Android devices (Both CWM and TWRP)


An Android device run by several parts of software like Bootloader, radio, recovery and system. Today we will talk about recovery. An Android device ship with a stock recovery preinstalled with many restrictions by the manufacturer. If we want to do some this more with our Android device most of the time we can’t do this with the presence zenci porno izle of a stock custom recovery, because a stock custom recovery is very much restricted. The manufacturer never allows any illegal operation on the Android device. Preinstalled stock recovery can b used only to restore Android’s factory default settings, update Android OS officially, and some other diagnostic tasks.

But the Custom recovery is a third-party recovery environment having both advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages are more than disadvantages. After installing a custom recovery Android feels free. Many tasks open’s after installing a custom recovery. Custom recovery has additional features. If you are a geek and like customization on Android then custom recovery is a must for doing more tasks on Android. A custom recovery can b used for several important tasks on Android which are given below

  • Custom Recovery can b used for creating and restore complete Android device backup.
  • Custom recovery has the ability to install both official and unofficial ROMs on any Android device as well as other updates including apps, themes, kernals and others.
  • We can install .zip files with a custom recovery

However there are two big names of custom recoveries for Android, one is CWM custom recovery and the second one is TWRP custom recovery. Both recoveries achieve the same result with a few different features. Both recoveries provide best result, regular updates for new devices and both are highly recommended.

CWM Custom Recovery

ClockworkMod recovery is oldest and one of the famous custom recovery which got the fame. One only bad thing was that in early releases there was no touch feature in this recovery but now it is available in touch support version. New Phil359 rolled oral porno izle out with various colorful customization features. Remember this version which we are going to install is non-touch version. For touch version, you need to purchase the paid recovery.

How to install latest CWM Custom Recovery on Most Android Devices

For installation CWM recovery your device must b rooted



  1. First download and install an App named ROM Manager free from google Play Store
  2. After installing tap on Recovery Setup and selectClockworkMod Recovery under install recovery.
  3. Now confirm Android device name which you have for installing recovery, after selecting from the next screen tap on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.
  4. Now the app downloads the recovery for your device from the internet and after that will ask for Superuser permission. Allow the permission and wait until flashing process completes and you will see a success message.
  5. Now go back to the main screen of Rom Manager and tap on Reboot into Recovery, after taping confirm the task.

After doing this your device restarts with latest CWM custom recovery. A user can jump from recovery option using volume rocker and can select an option using power button or in some cases Home button.

How to install TWRP Custom recovery on Most of Android devices

If you want to install touch custom recovery then you must try this TWRP recovery.


  1. Download and install an app named GooManager from Google Play Store, it is a free application.
  2. After installing open GooManager, tap on Menu button, now click on Install OpenRecoveryScript from pop-up menu
  3. Confirm the task now.
  4. Follow the instructions. Select the device you have if there are many names available.
  5. Now download .img file of TWRP and install it.
  6. After the completion of installation click on Reboot Recovery to restart your device.

Congrats your device will reboot with latest TWRP custom recovery. Now you can enjoy your favorite custom ROM, create a data back of your device or do more what you want.

If you found any issue during the installing process let us tell in comments menu, will pleasure to guide you.


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