How to Fix iOS 10 Common Problems


If your iPhone is showing some issues, then it is great to update your phone to 10 iOS instantly. The latest version of iOS is available for the users to update it immediately. Just like other versions of iOS the software is not available without issues or problems. IOS 10 has lots of new features and amazing upgrades. Recently some of the bugs have been reported after the release so the following are the ways to fix iOS 10 common problems.

Fix iOS 10 Problems

Battery Drain

The battery issue is one of the most disappointing things you will ever come across. Battery drain is the main and common problem faced by the users. When you update the iOS on your phone, then it will affect the battery life immediately. So if you want to maximize the battery life, follow the step by step procedure.

  • Turn off the lock screen widgets which you do not use.
  • Disable the feature known as new Raise Wake.
  • Minimize the notification feature.
  • You have to monitor the battery usage.
  • Use the battery saving techniques like fetching the mail frequently, or reducing the usage of GPS.


Another main issue you will face is the connectivity with the Bluetooth or pairing with Wi-Fi. The issues of Bluetooth proves to be bothering. However, Apple has introduced the new wireless earphones to eliminate the consequences of Bluetooth connectivity, but the users have to face the in-car Bluetooth issues. Just follow the procedure to eliminate Bluetooth issues.

  • Reboot the phone by switching off the Bluetooth. Now enable Bluetooth and try pairing it.
  • Reset the network settings.


To eradicate the issues of Wi-Fi in your iPhone, it is best to follow the easy ways.

  • Reenter the password again.
  • Reboot the iPhone
  • Reset the network settings
  • Disable Wi-Fi and enable it.
  • Restore your iPhone set

Home Button

Some of the new changes in iPhone prove to be very annoying. The new update will change the lock screen and the view of the widgets. Sometimes the home button stuck and to unlock the phone you need to use the home button. Now to eliminate the consequences to use the button, again and again, it is best to use the Touch ID sensor. Rest your finger on your phone and unlock it without touching any buttons.

Follow up these easy hacks to enable the settings. These resetting tips will undoubtedly prove to be great. So instead of panicking try them and fix iOS 10 common problems.


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