How To Get Free Space On Android Set


It is easy to free up space on the Android or tablet. There are many applications of the game, pictures, camera and social apps which consume the space. The tasks keep on continuing on the phone even if you do not use the phone. However, more apps or content you download, more storage will fill up. When the space on the phone fills up, the phone creates problems and gets stuck. So try out the following ways to get free space on Android phone with these simple task.


If your phone is filled with unused applications whether you are using the Android Tablet or Phone, it is great to uninstall all these apps and to clear the memory. This will help to boosts the performance of the phone. To uninstall the unused apps just Go to Settings, then tap the Applications manager. You will be able to see the list of the applications. Now uninstall the apps which you do not use.

Cache App

It is wise to clear the cache of applications which you use on the phone. The cache clears all the temporary files and frees the space. To do this just Go to Settings, open Applications Manager and find apps which take most space. Then click on the Clear Cache option. You can also use the application of clean master to erase the unnecessary files.

Upload photos

Photos and unnecessary pictures take much space on the phone. So instead of keeping the files it is great to utilize the online source just as cloud storage to upload the pictures, you can access them easily anytime and anywhere.

Delete unnecessary files

Some of the downloaded unnecessary files consume much space in the phone. It is better to delete the unnecessary files which are holding memory on the phone. The application like Disk Usage will help to create space by deleting unnecessary files.

Move files to SD card

On the Android operating system, you will be able to move the files to the SD card. This will increase the performance of the phone. Just move the apps to the SD card. You can use the AppMgr III which works for root and unroot files. It will identify the files that cannot be moved to the SD card.

These ways will surely help you get free space on Android phone. So fix the problem and enjoy the efficient performance of your smartphone.


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