Everything About Whilo Gifting Social App on iOS


Whilo Gifting Social App

The Whilo Gifting social app has been launched on iOS allowing the users to share gifts with the loved ones. The app name is “Whilo” which is the short form of “what I Love.” The application lets the users create various wish lists along with the gift registries which are shared with family and friends. The users can create gift registries and can add products to their wish lists based on the themes and events. Take an example that one user can add items in the wish list of fashion accessories and can also add decoration items in the home décor lists.

How does it work?

The application is very efficient and lets the users add their favorite items by browsing various featured and the trending tabs within the application. The users can browse the lists and different categories according to their field of interest. The products can be shared, saved or you can engage with them.

However, if you cannot find the favorite product then browse the internet and add the items in the application.

Connect with friends and family

The social app lets the users connect with the family and friends. They can share the wish lists with each other. When an item is purchased, the other users can view the activity to avoid buying the same item for their friends. The amazing thing about the iOS app is that it also supports the reminders so that you do not forget the anniversaries, birthdays or any other important occasion.

Statement by co-founder

The co-founder of Whilo application is Karina Calvert-Jones. According to him the application will be a great success and proves to be a great competitor for other social apps such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Viber. He said that Whilo is the baby of the parent social apps like Facebook. Whilo will assure to give the users perfect gift for every type of occasion. However, the availability of the application near the Christmas and New Year will surely get viral. The application is available for free download on iTunes and is also available on Chrome Store and is used on the browsers as well.

So this was all about Whilo Gifting Social App. Hope you liked the article. If you have any questions simply comment in the comment section, we will help you out.


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