Everything About Rumor of Glass Case iPhone 8


iPhone 7 is not even 6 months old that the rumors of iPhone 8 have been heard. According to Apple, iPhone 8 will be launched on the Apple 10th Anniversary. The rumors have been heard that iPhone 8 will be great in style, design, and performance. It will be a glass case iPhone 8 and will be available for the users in three different styles. Another report states that the news about the iPhone 8 is just a rumor.

The review cited by Nikkei Asian mentioned that Apple iPhone will surely ditch and eliminate the metal casing and will encase the upcoming phone with the glass. The size variants will also be able for the convenience of the users letting the users buy the phone according to their requirements. iPhone 8 will be available in three different sizes 5.5 inches, 5-inch, and 4.7inch.

iPhone 8 design

The design in the metal case look does not make the smartphone look unique. However, the glass backs will enhance the look of the phone. The news has been heard or confirmed by many publications. One of the reports states that the phone features an edge to edge OLED display providing no bezel on the bottom or top.

The Apple company plans to work or modify the hardware in the next set and will not work considerably on the software system. According to the rumor, iPhone 8 will come in three variant display, but the Apple insider has confirmed the news that Apple will stick to its traditional variant size which is 4.7 and 5.5-inch screen size.

Online news

The news of the iPhone 8 has gone viral on the internet, and some of the signs by the media or the Apple news proves to be true. The latest report in the upcoming month will confirm the news of the arrival of the set. The fans of iOS or Apple will surely see significant changes in the next iPhone. It is expected that the phone will not have any home button, but the integrating display and the sleek design will surely enhance the look of the phone. Hope so that the new iPhone 8 would be worth waiting.

So this was all about the rumor of glass case iPhone 8.


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