Are you also one of the emoji fans? Then it is best to discover the secret emoji keyboard in iPhone. Emojis are loved by everyone and this year many innovations escort Mecidiyeköy have been discovered and introduced in keyboard. However, 2016 is just about to end, and it is time to discover great things. If you have been sending messages with great emoji’s then stick to your routine. You do not have to use old emoji’s again and again. Just get rid of it and avail the new ones. The answer to your habit is hidden in your iPhone right now. You just need to discover it.

Emojis Are Entertaining

Emoji’s are great. They make chat entertaining. The old emoji’s of iPhone have gone dull. It is the right time to avail great emoticons. Apple will surely going to hit the headlines again because they will support Unicode 9.0. It will be the first phone which with Unicode 9.0 and introduced with the release of latest iOS 10.2.

Additions In Emojis

Apple has added at least 70 new emoticons. These escort Şişli emoticons are introduced for iPads and iPhones as well. The additions are made in clown face, dancing man, selfie, shrug, face palm, and much more. However, a list of amazing new emoji’s will be introduced to all the iPhone users with the update of 10.2 iOS.

However, the new emoji will only make your life interesting for few days. The fun will end in few days. So new stickers of iMessage are great as an alternative. Remember there is always a secret keyboard which will hide inside the iPhone. You can send unlimited emoticons to your friends, family and loved ones.

Enable The Keyboard

It is now easy to enable the hidden keyboard. Follow the step by step procedure and enable the emoticons.

  • Just to Settings icon
  • Tap on General
  • Now tap on Keyboard
  • You will find tap on top of screen
  • Just select Add New Keyboard
  • You will find many languages so select Japanese and Kana

Now you can to access new keyboard with a lot of emojis. After selecting Kana, you have to press ^_^ button and you will be able escort Ataşehir to access a lot of Kaomoji. So do the settings now, and enjoy as many emoticons as you can. You can also change the languages to check other emojis as well.


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